Nucks Misconduct Handshake



I assumed this was going seven games because both teams looked so well matched on paper. But what's on paper never quite makes sense in the playoffs (go ask San Jose).

I'm impressed with Chicago because my team had no answer for them. Across the board they did everything better. And better still for you guys is that the Hawks are doing all the little things right that demand a long spring. Vancouver couldn't and gets a summer to think about it. Again.

Whoever the hell comes never, you're putting Vancouver fans in a tough spot since there isn't a chance in hell we can actually root for either Detroit or Anaheim. I can't say I'm on your bandwagon, but I will enjoy watching Byfuglien and company go run amok at someone's else expense now...hell I may even smile...especially if it's Pronger.

And I'll definitely keep to my end of the wager: fitty bucks will be in the mail to the Blackhawk Charities. Though I may sign it from Kevin Bieksa.

So just like the players did, I want to extend my paw on a great series. Despite some of the comments tossed around and the unfortunate onslaught of them nasty trolls, it's been great fun. SCH runs a fantastic site with the Committed Indian, the beards, the Rage references, all of it. A great place to call home and you guys & gals have certainly waited a hell of a long time for this moment too.

Enjoy the finals. Give 'em hell.



I had a sense of peace before Game 6 and even during it. I think it was because of Game 4, where the Canucks were so damned close to taking a 3-1 series lead only to lose in overtime. To me, that was the dagger in the heart. It emphasized again that the Canucks could not hold on to leads in this series and there was a good chance that that was a turning point.

So I'm not finding it to difficult to summon up words of praise for the Blackhawks. They have silenced their critics who said they were too young and inexperienced. Patrick Kane is insanely composed at the NHL level for his age. It looks like Jonny Toews is waking up too.

You guys have one hell of a hockey club that can win games any way they feel necessary. Their team speed and grit is insane.

I have been an admirer of the Hawks since the mid-80's. I was and still am a big fan of Tony Esposito, Denis Savard, Steve Larmer and Dirk Graham to name a few. I admired the Hawks' run in 1992 and was hoping they would kill the damned Penguins. Game 4 of that series is still my favorite game of all time, even though the wrong team won.

Hawks fans have been through enough shit recently, and their Stanley Cup drought has gone on long enough. I hope Chicago goes all the way this year. Good luck to them and you guys. It's been a pleasure reading the posts here and interacting with you fans.

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