New York Edition of Second City Hockey

Well so several of us met up for some pre-game shenanigans and a watering hole near he stadium now infested with asbestos, for a Chicago Blackhawks vs New York Rangers game.

To commemorate this gathering of fine individuals a photographic record of the pre-game meeting and some of the game itself is now introduced for your perusal, including the flat pop and all.


First off I would like to congratulate the Woman about four rows behind me who attended her first NHL game. How do I know it was her first NHL game you may ask? Well she was more than happy to announce to not only my section to announce this fact, but to those at least two sections away as well. She did not come completely unprepared for the game how ever, she did know fighting happens in Hockey, and through just herself, attempted to provoke several fisticuffs, including one of #32 [Scott] against Dubinski. She also understood you have to shoot the puck at the net in order to score, I know this since I heard only 1-2 thousands times per period. Sensing her team may be in peril while the Men of Four Feathers held the zone she was cheering her team to "get the puck across the blue line". I believe you of SCH get where I am going with this, since this most certainly only a small sampling of this fan, who I have now put into the class I have dubbed "Hit in face with Sledge Hammer".


So to you lady in the top row of the 300 level, here is your finger.


So, onto the photos, as I mentioned to the gathering I suck at names, so if you could help me out, and I will update them accordingly.


Verstig, TMFF, Friend of ppm and Ahnfire, Puppetmasterp, AhnFire, Katherine215, K's Stepdad, Rockaway Hawk, itisnotmesomuchasitisroenick wife(Standing)


Verstig Arriving


Waiting for some others to show up AhnFire [Panda costume] trying to do something in her Panda Hat.


Opening faceoff


Yeah, like I'm not going to post a picture of Toews, Duh!


Q pissed after Rangers go up  3-2


 itisnotmesomuchasitisroenick and his wife


MSG asbestos and all [view from my seat]


Kaner goal Celebration


Me just before start of the 3rd.


I will add more if requested.

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