SCH Garden Party - now with asbestos!

So TMFF has already posted an update about the SCH meetup, and also has a much better camera than I do so my pictures aren't nearly as nice as his. (sad face)

Anyway, since teacher asked we share stories & pictures with the rest of the class, here we go.

So we didn't end up in the original meeting place due to it being incredibly crowded. Instead, we ended up next door, which seemed like a decent enough place - TV screens were playing highlights/hockey fights, and the food was alright. Katherine will complain about how NY only has flat pop, which is sadly true. 

puppetmasterp, katherine215, toews-makes-funny-faces, ktg's stepdad, rockawayhawk, ahnfire in panda outfit

The picture was taken by rockawayhawk's wife, the patient soul who had to deal with meeting strange hockey-obsessed internet friends. This is also where we learned about rockawayhawk's horrible record when watching road games. Seriously guy, we need to find you some voodoo priest or something. You need to be cleansed. Perhaps spend some time at the feet of JeHossa, asking for blessings and miracles. Or something. 

VerStig and it'snotsomuchasitsroenick (and his wife) showed up a little after we got seated. They seated the group of us in the upstairs batcave area, pretty much out of sight. There were a few people in Hawks jerseys throughout the restaurant, but I think they wanted to hide the large group of Hawks fans away from the windows. Unfortunately, I didn't get a lot of group SCH-pics, mostly because the pre-game meetup was very short (7pm game!) and we were all sitting in different places around the arena. 

SCH ladies!

the view from our seats up in the 400 level. Not bad except that we could barely see what was going on by the near net, and of course, being right by the asbestos rooftop

I didn't get a lot of great pictures of the game, mostly because I was busy screaming in rage at Cullimore for being useless. But here are some.

starting lineup - Duncs & Soupy, Turco in net, and what I'm calling the "Sexy plus Kopecky" line. Hey, it rhymes.

Sharpy taking a draw - it seemed like he was doing better at the dot than Tazer.

oh look, here's Tazer taking a draw

Yay we scored a goal!

Turco kissing the ice - I mean, stretching.

Turco and Duncs had quite a long conversation during the timeout, and Seabs skated by toward the end. Probably wondering why Turco was spending so much time talking to his man.

Goal #2!

That's pretty much all the pictures I took. The others aren't that great, and my camera's white-balance was off, so everything is a bit yellow-y. Sigh. Not all of us can afford to have awesome cameras like TMFF...*blatant camera envy*


So, if you ever go to a game at MSG and you sit on the 400 level, you'll have to go up 6 one-way escalators. This means, to leave and go outside, you have to go down these tiny stairwells for what seems like a really long time. Anyway, Katherine's stepdad missed a step and fell, but was alright. This of course brought the attention of others in the stairwell and the realization we were all in Hawks jerseys, and resulted in some good natured ribbing. You know, "oh it's ok, it's just a Hawks fan!" and "Hey, we beat the Champs! Woo!", etc. One guy started chatting with Katherine (because if you're a guy and you see a tall blonde in a hockey sweater, you'd chat her up too ;P) and they get into the inevitable NY-Chicago debate about pizza. The conversation toward the end went like this:

Rangers fan: Well, we like our pizza.
Katherine215: Well, we like our Stanley Cups. 
Rangers fan: OHHHH that's a low blow! I was trying to be nice!

*2 flights later, guy still going on about how that was harsh, etc.*

Katherine: By the way, did you guys make the playoffs last year?
Rangers fan: Ohhhhhhhhhhhh......

Lesson? Don't mess with Katherine. 


Story number 2 come from after the game as well. Since we didn't really get to meet up before the game, puppet & I met up with VerStig afterwards, and got to meet VerStig's sister, which also resulted in this fun conversation as we walked to get yogurt: 

VerStig's Sister: So, how do you guys know [VerStig]?
ahnfire: Internet. 
V's Sister: Hahaha, right. 

*5 minutes later*

V's Sister: So, do you guys work at the same place?  
puppet: No, we met him on the internet. 
V's Sister: What? No, really.
puppet: Really. Internet.  
V's Sister:
ahnfire: An internet hockey blog.
V's Sister: *pauses* [VerStig], you're so weird.

Meanwhile, VerStig just keeps walking while puppet & I start to die from laughter. 


Anyway, even though the Hawks lost and I may have gotten asbestos from MSG, it was great meeting more SCHers, and hopefully we'll all have reason to meet up again for game watches in the warmer months!

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