Olympic Hockey Day 3 Thread

I'm just this excited to be away from Getzlaf and Perry because they smell.

Right, this will be my last entry of the weekend, as I'm off to Sin City.  So the Matt Daily Double will be taking you through the prelims from here on out.  We'll get a better idea of how the US stacks up today as they and Canada switch opponents.  If Switzerland can stymie the hosers as much as they did the Yanks, I'll feel better about the US's chances.  Anyway, your hockey menu today:


I don't expect 8, but I do expect the US to handle this team with ease.  Goal difference could come into play, but it won't with Canada or Russia as they're your likely group winners.  So Finland with a current +4, the Czech's with a current +2 are the main ones to keep an eye on, as they're likely to have 6 points when all is said and done.  Unless they take points off group Leviathan's Sweden and Russia, respectively.  Or the US off Canada.  We'll know more after today's games.

CANADA v. SWITZERLAND: 7pm on CNBC (assuming curling is over)

Maybe Hiller stands on his dick and makes this one awfully interesting, but I doubt it.  The Swiss were a lot more physical than anyone expected against the Yanks, and half their team looks like Patrick Sharp.  But that won't work against a much bigger Canadian team.  They won't get 8, but they'll put up enough.


Slovakia played the only contest that looked like an actual hockey game last night against arch-rival Czech Republic, or did until the Czechs bunkered down like it was Gallipoli in the 3rd period.  For those who watched it, how much better of a broadcast was it with Kenny Albert and Joe Michelleti instead of Doc Emerick and Eddie O?  Boss Hoss looked ok for someone who probably still has a concussion, and Jagr's goal should have probably been a hooking call on him.  Still, I'll be a lot happier when Marian gets back to the couch.  Anyway, this one could be fun, if you're up.  Russia is obviously loaded, and the Slovak's have more scoring talent than I thought (Or would if Richard Zednik would stop bitching to the refs for one second).  But still, Pavol Demitra is the #1 center, and that's icky.

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