Baby he's a baller

Wrap Around Curl was once again kind enough to write us up something on everyone's favorite hooligan, Kyle Beach.  I think we're all pretty excited to see what Beach can bring to the AHL and hopefully eventually, the Hawks.  WAC's been following Beach all year and become a fan - now she's written us a post that's full of pretty moving pictures... enjoy - Killion

It is a rather tearful farewell for me. Kyle Beach is gone from the Chiefs. And I really will miss him. To say we got off on a rocky start is an understatement.


I've often compared my feelings towards Mr Beach in terms of movies like 10 Things I Hate About You.

See, Kyle is like Patrick Verona with that reputation floating about. Maybe he went to jail. Maybe he once ate a duck. You never know. He's combative, disruptive and has a fair share of disciplinary run ins.


And then I'm just like Kat Stratford. I drive a terrible car, I start fights about feminism and listen to 90s riot grrl rock. My mouth sometimes can get me into trouble. I have a wild streak of independence about me.


But as time goes on, it turns out the other isn't so bad. Etc etc. An awesome band plays. End scene.

When the Beach move was announced I came more than just a little bit unglued. I perhaps threatened some form of violence. But I did my best to calm down and give Kyle Beach a shot. The home opener perhaps was a bit rough on him. There were a few boos and a "Trade Back Beach" sign. The haters were quickly silenced and gestured to move to the left. Beach showed up to play and quickly displayed his abilities to move the puck sexily and put up points quickly. Soon, the Arena was filled with more and more sweaters bearing his number 21. I myself purchased one. I know I know. It was strange. I was wondering if I was drinking the Kool Aid or needing a drug test.

Beach was a contributing factor to the Chiefs season. He was probably THE factor. I mean, did you see his numbers? Those hat tricks? Perhaps I am now biased but I do think he cleaned up his behavior significantly. I just know I'm sad we only had him for one season. You're getting a player with a fantastic work ethic. He was often seen joking and laughing on the bench. Make no mistake, he still has his chippy side. He endures his fair share of penalties. Or as we started calling them "two minutes for being named Beach" infractions. He is a leader too. Frequently he held the team together and acted as captain when Jared Cowen was a useless meatsack. Beach would direct plays for face offs and displayed tremendous hockey knowledge.

I was hoping Kyle would be around another season. But he's too hot for the WHL. He needs to go off and play with the big boys now.

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