Go See the Cup tonight (updated w/pictures and video)

If you saw the airport interview with Toews this [Thursday] morning when they asked him who gets to sleep with the Cup tonight he said something to the effect of "it will be with all of us tonight.  We're all getting together and it will be with us wherever we go."

Well the Hawks have begun their bar crawl tonight, and it is with them.  They were at Tavern on Rush about 45 minutes ago, and as of about 10 minutes ago your beloved Cup is at Rockit.  Just search Twitter for "Stanley Cup" because wherever it goes somebody Tweets "holy shit I'm at [insert name] and the Hawks just walked in WITH THE STANLEY CUP".

In the words of Airplane, "ok boys, let's get some pictures".

Pics and video of various quality after the jump.

UPDATE:  Apparently they had to shut the street down outside of Rockit.  The Cup made it to Gibsons, Tavern on Rush, Rockit, Market, Stanley's and then Underground before I lost it.  There was a rumor it was going to Cuvee, but I don't think that ever panned out, and around 2am there was someone who claimed to have seen it at 6 corners, but I never saw that confirmed.  There were also a few 2am tweets of "I just touched the Cup", but they didn't say where.  You can find it today [Friday] marching down Washington and then at the rally in the footprint of what was once Fort Dearborn, a famous part of old Chicago history and a fitting location.  After that it will almost certainly find its way to Wrigley Field and will accomplish what no single thread on SCH could ever do (myself often very guilty), make it so that no one gives a shit who wins between the Sox and Cubs.

You can probably follow the Cup all summer on Twitter @WheresTheCup, and of course someone's already plotting a map of it.

You can click on any of the small pics to see them bigger, except for the Versteeg one because I screwed that one up and then couldn't find it again.  Here it is at Rockit, I think that's Campbell, he's wearing the same shirt in another pic with Billy Dec:

Upstairs at Rockit, Versteeg takes the high ground to check out the view:

Yo @BillyDec the Blackhawks are @RockitChicago with the CUP!!! UNREAL man!!!

The tower? The tower? Rapunzel! Rapunzel!:

 #TwitPict on Twitpic

Here's Versteeg and a huge crowd out on the street:

Here it is at Tavern on Rush:

Here it is at Gibsons, as posted by Shawn Ryan's production company, the people who made The Shield and were having a writers party there:

Ride-Along writers party with Stanley Cup at Gibson's on Twitpic

Here's video of the Cup being taken out of Market with the Hawks and some cops following.

Here's the Cup on the party bus with a police escort out front:

My view w POLICE ESCORT w STANLEY CUP on Blackhawks Party Bus! Come on!

Stanley at Stanley's, naturally:

Another one outside Stanley's:

The Stanley Cup! on Twitpic

This appears to be outside Underground:


@Underground, the Stanley Cup = the new glow sticks:

@undergroundchi is a madhouse rite now! All Blackhawks r here... on Twitpic

More action at Underground, who's on the left with the backwards hat and some interesting facial hair adjustments?

Kaner you're in luck, the ladies really do love the Cup:

Click through to the big version of this one, totally worth it. It's the Blackhawks version of Touchdown Jesus:

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

When Burish is your chaperone, you're going to piss away your Cup bonus on legal fees.  The Mad Dog at Will's Northwoods Inn on Racine as the Magic Mystery Tour continues:

John Madden brought the Stanley Cup to Will's Northwoods Inn ... on Twitpic

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