If not a Hawks jersey, then what and who?

Here's something to ponder during the interminable off-season. 

Would you ever consider buying and wearing a jersey of another team?  If so, what player would you have on the jersey?

Personally, I am fine with fans wearing/collecting jerseys of other teams...with exceptions.  No Hawks fan would ever wear a Detroit or St. Louis sweater just like no Islanders fan would ever wear a Rangers or Devils sweater.  Also, while I would wear these, I would never wear them to a Hawks game.

When I think about the possibilities, the considerations must come in this order: 1) What jersey? then 2)  What player?

Please don't nit-pick. I know some consider it a faux pas to put an old-time player's name on the newer style Reebok jerseys.  If you want to fight about that, please write your own fan post.

Here's my list (it's a top four b/c these are the ones that I think i would actually spend money on):

1. Montreal (Home)

I know a lot of hockey fans hate the Canadiens the way baseball fans hate the Yankees but I don't ever seem to remember feeling that way.  I have always loved this jersey.  Simple, classic, bold.  For the player, I would probably go with Ken Dryden.


2. Buffalo (Alternate)

I love this jersey although the ones I really love are the old-school ones with the all-gold striping on the sleeves and on the bottom.  So is it a pride thing that keeps this franchise from going back to these full-time?  Are they too proud to admit that the buffaslug is universally loathed?  Suck it up, guys.  You have a winner on your hands here.  Player: Dominic Hasek.


3. Minnesota (Alternate)

It pains me to put this here.  It would be higher, maybe even number one if not for the fact that it's Minnesota.  The name "Wild" is beyond dumb but this jersey is fucking sweet.  You cannot deny the understated awesomeness of this thing.  It is so painfully cool that I don't like to look at it for more than a few seconds at a time.  Again, why is this not the full-time jersey?  You know it will be eventually and in twenty years people are going to look back at what they are wearing now and laugh.  Player I would get: Havlat.


4. Quebec Nordiques (Away)

This thing reeks of the 70's and the Rebel Alliance.  That logo is so simply retro that it's cool again.  I always wondered though: did they jack that logo from North Face?  A quick look at wikipedia tells me that North Face was founded in 1966 although I don't know when they started using their present logo.  Maybe it was the other way around and North Face jacked the Nordiques logo? (the franchise started in 1972).  I would like to think so.  The provincial homerism (the Quebecois separatist movement was never stronger than in the 70's) vis a vis (see what I did there?) the fleurs de lis along the bottom and on the shoulders might as well have been a series of middle fingers to the Canadian English pigs.  Player: Joe Sackic or Guy La Fleur.


Non-NHL Bonus Jersey: Team Canada No. 16 Toews.

I have a very specific reason for liking and wanting this jersey.  I live in Seattle so when I go up to Vancouver and rock the red Hawks Toews jersey it's always an adventure.  Those fans are pretty nasty, especially trying to leave the arena after a Canucks loss.  With this jersey I feel like I would be camouflaged in a way.  On one hand I would be repping the Hawks and Tazer.  On the other hand it's a Team Canada jersey so the Canucks fans might feel some hesitation or uncertainty about jeering someone wearing the jersey of a beloved player on their gold medal-winning team.  I think that's a win-win for me.  Plus, it's hard to see on this picture but the detailing of the embroidery on the inside of the leaf is fantastic.  It's all First Nation (Canadian for native American/Indian) imagery.


What would you get?

UPDATE: I was reminded in the comments about the Whalers.  Fuck me.  That should have been on the list.  Player: Quenneville, obviously.

"Now Hartford? The Whale? Hey, they only beat Vancouver once maybe twice in a lifetime."


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