I'm curious (no, not in that way you gutter-minded asses!) about something.

During the past few months, I have had no fewer than three dreams that have in some way, shape, or form, involved the Blackhawks and/or members of the team (Sigh...  Again, not in that way - I hear some of you out there).

I am not typically one that remembers my dreams so when I do, it is kind of cool and I usually wind up talking about them with whomever I know that has the misfortune of being present when I find my "in" to broach the subject.  Today it's your turn SCH!

It began rather amusingly, with a "History Will be Made" dream that I had which involved none other than Jonathan Toews.  O captain, my captain!  I believe that this was during the Vancouver series.  I shared it with BigC (I'm pretty sure) CNS (Edited, to avoid extortion) via Email (as I would not dare speak publicly of Jonathan Toews lifting the Stanley Cup at the time).

In the dream, I saw JT (wearing home red) lifting the Cup over his head with a huge smile, and jubilation evident at having won it.  Then it paused and started going backwards.  He put it down, and instead of one backwards clip, it went from celebration, to celebration after goals, wins, series clinching wins, etc... All of them taking place during the playoffs.  Finally, the tagline:  What if the Captain wasn't so serious?  History has been made!

The second dream was similar, but less unusual really, as it was just that I was at the UC, and watched them win the Cup in person.  It was again surreal, as I didn't even see the other team or get to see/hear who won the Conn Smythe at all, as it was a blur of motion, excitement, and activity.

The third one...  Happened last night - well, I awoke from it about 5 hours ago which was daytime for most of you, but was 0330 here in Afghanistan.  I will admit that this dream, far more so than the other two, will make all of you snicker, and crack jokes (yes, in that way, finally!) at my expense.  Far be it from me to keep it from you, in the interest of being a fan of the 2010 Stanley Cup Champions - YOUR CHICAGO BLACKHAWKS! (I just love saying it) and as a member of SCH, I feel that I owe it to all of you, to share this, just the same.

Let the snide comments, jokes, etc begin to come my way....  NOW:

Okay, so in the dream, I'm in a bar out in the woods of Wisconsin somewhere with Adam Burish.  (Like I said - open the floodgates, dammit)  We're just hanging out, talking shit, and cracking jokes on everyone we see.  Drinking from the Stanley Cup, and having a riotous good time.  This goes on over the course of the evening, and we decide that we need to get some licorice.  Before we leave; I head to the men's room.  The walls are covered with articles, news clippings, etc about Burish.  I get back out to the bar, and we set about trying to find this licorice.  We wander all over town, from store to store, fucking with people, cracking jokes, having a great time - hitting a drive through for some burgers, topped with real Wisconsin cheese - and continue our expedition.  Finally, we find a candy store (which is open at roughly 0300 for some odd reason) and we get the licorice.  We head back to the bar.  When we arrive, I head back to the men's room.  I'm standing at the urinal, taking care of my business when I realize that the walls are blank.  Everything that was there hours ago, is gone.  I kind of panicked about it, and head back out to the bar.  The Stanley Cup is still there, but Burish is gone.


Its no secret here that I have the man crush going on for Adam Burish, so the dream honestly disturbs me a little bit myself.  In the aftermath of the dream however, it reminds me that this Championship team was just so much fun to watch, and enjoy.  They were this great group of guys that really did welcome their fans into the inner circle in whatever ways they could, and I think that I'm just afraid that next year's team won't feel the same.

Has anyone else had any dreams involving the team in some way?  I'm going to ask to keep this somewhat SFW - so KtG and all you ladies...  Please keep the Patrick Sharp stuff for another thread. 

Oh no... I'm getting all verklempt.  Talk amongst yourselves.

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