Hawks Best/Worst of the 2009-10 Season

Ok, people, we have lots of Best and Worst ideas to vote on.  Only problem is, I've discovered that SB Nation only allows 1 poll per fanpost.  So I think I'll look into doing a Survey Monkey or other free survey once we decide on our nominees.  But we need to get our nominees first - I'm going to leave space for 5 in each category, but we can do more/less if necessary.  HOF = Hall of Fame, or playoff nominees

Alright, now the categories after the jump...

Goal of the Year

1. Toews goal vs Nashville

2. Kane goal vs Minnesota

3. Hossa goal vs Tampa Bay

4. Versteeg goal vs Columbus

5. Seabrook OT goal vs Calgary


1. Hossa's OT goal vs Nashville, Game 5

2. Eager's Game 2 SCF goal

3. Bolland's Game 1 SCF shortie

4. Puck deflects off Kane and past Rinne

5. Versteeg Game 2 winner vs Vancouver

6. Sharp's Game 2 shortie vs Vancouver

7. Brouwer's Game 6 goal vs Vancouver

Goal of a Lifetime

1. Patrick Kane makes history

Assist of the Year

1. Toews to Hossa vs St. Louis

2. Burish's behind the net backhand pass to Kane





1. Game 5 SCF - everyone

2. Bolland's Game 3 OT goal vs. San Jose

3. Country-stupid/VERSTEEG! Game 2 vs. San Jose

Save of the Year







1. Niemi's goal line snag vs San Jose

2. Niemi's save on Carter, Game 6 SCF


Hit of the Year

1. Duncan Keith on Matt Cooke

2. Sharp creams Chara

3. Andrew Ladd on Matt D'Agostini




1. Buff on Pronger

2. Carcillo on Carter

3. Sopel nails Erat

Game of the Year

1. SCH road trip to St. Louis

2. The Calgary Comeback

3. San Jose Hat Trick of Shorties - aka Welcome, Hossa!

4. Running Lu out of the goal - March 5th vs. VAN

5. New Year's Eve Devils Domination


1. Game 5 vs. Preds - Holy shit!

2. SCF Game 5 - 1 Left!

3. SCF Game 6 - Hawks WIN!

4. WCF Game 4 - We're playing for the Cup!

5. Game 2 vs Vancouver - Bad start, great finish!

Best Goal Celebration

1. Hossa after his San Jose shortie

2. Seabrook's OT game-winner against the Sharks





1. Kane's "Caught the Dmen Swimming"

2. Hossa's Game 5 winner

3. Buff's "LOOOOVE ME"/"Are you not entertained?"

4. Buff's Captain Morgan Impersonation

5. Kaner's SCF Striptease/Attack on Niemi

6. Kopecky pounding on the glass

7. Eager's ecstatic tip toe run

Best One Goal Commercial

1. Keith - Speak Softly But Carry a Big Stick

2. Keith - Own the Blue Line

3. Hammer - IKEA and Swedish Imports

4. Byfuglien - Make Byfuglien a Household Name

5. Sharp - Improve My Accuracy

6. Byfuglien - Where the Wild Things Are

Best BHTV Episode

1. Blackhawks Olympics

2. The Newlyweds Game

3. Finland Video Diaries

4. Mario Kart


Best (worst, really) Meatball Shout at the UC



3. the chirping whistle


5. You suck, Campbell!

Best Foley/Eddie O. Conversation

1. EDZO: Let me pull mine out

    Foley: Your bobblehead right?
    EDZO: Yeah
    Foley: Well thats good to know

2. Niemi backwards is....

3. Eddie's Broken Window



Best Eddie-ism

1. Tremendously Tremendous

2. All you young hockey players out there...

3. The forwards have the D, the D have the forwards…

4. Active sticks

5. "Just keep jamming and jamming until somebody comes on you”

Most Attractive Player

1. Sharp

2. Hammer

3. Keith

4. Toews

5. Bolland

6. Versteeg

7. Niemi

8. Huet

9. Seabrook

10. Sopel

11. Burish

Most Attractive Ice Girl

1. Ashlee Lobo

2. You guys are

3. too superficial

4. to learn


Best Player Nickname (from SCH)


2. Daydream Nation

3. Captain Marvel

4. Super Nintendo Hjalmars

5. Marlboro 72

6. Fabulous Weapon

7. 51 Phantom

8. Cookie Monster

Weirdest/Bizzar-est (somebody help me spell this) Moments

1. Niemi's Find the Puck

2. Versteeg is called for Bolland's penalty

3. Bizzaro-world: Kop is clutch

4. Last few games of the season - Fraser channels Gretzky

5. The Blackhawks win the Stanley Cup and no one knows it except Patrick Kane

Best Keep-In







1. Soupy on the Cup winner

2. Sopel on Hossa's Game 5 winner

3. Seabs falls on his ass

Best Toews Face




Best Fight

1. Brouwer vs Iginla

2. Versteeg vs Mitchell

3. Brouwer vs Stralmans

4. Versteeg vs. Eaves

5. Jan 2nd vs Blues - pretty much everyone

6. Seabrook vs. Alberts


So this is already a pretty lengthy fanpost.  I will do a separate one for all our SCH-isms since we are an incredibly quirky bunch.


If you have other categories to add, speak up!  Once we have nominees for the categories, I'll make a survey.  Or if someone else wants to help, let me know.  Oh, and try to keep the nominees in the same comment string.  Shinkicker started them below...thanks, Shin!!

PS - Try and include links where possible!

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