If it's All-Star Break, that means it's time to play U-Rank-Em!!!!


So, its All-Star break time, and there is time to kill until meaningful games resume. Usually, most mid-season reviews will grade player performances on the A-F scale. But I try to do things a little differently.


In trying to think of something to keep myself occupied during this down time, I thought of ranking the roster from 1 to 23 based on performance, contribution to the team, and intangibles (which pretty much translates to personal likes and dislikes, and how soon the painkillers take effect on my cracked tooth). I used today's current roster and included Leddy since he will likely be around for the foreseeable future.


Feel free to participate. Include your own ranking, or tear my thoughts to shreds, since that is pretty much what we do around here. As always, keep in mind this is not a scientific poll, nor has it been approved by 4 out of 5 dentists (that cracked tooth continues to consume my thoughts).

1 – Campbell. Since it is difficult to pick a #1, I'm giving it to the +/- leader.


2 – Sharp. Despite the -10, I shudder to think where this team would be without his scoring.


3 – Crawford. 2.19 GAA, .919 SV%. Took the starter's spot from Turco. Antti who?


4 – Hjalmarsson. Slow start has given way to solid play. Shot block leader.


5 – Bickell.  Solid play, 26 points, +11, willing to mix it up if needed.


6 – Toews. His numbers are fine, but this team seems to lack leadership at times.


7 – Hossa. When he's on, he's unstoppable. He just hasn't been on enough.


8 – Brouwer. Strong, solid play. 28 points (should be 30).


9 – Kopecky. Tomokop? Despite occasional brain farts, 31 points are impressive.


10 – Kane. Sorry, but I expect more out of Kane. Especially late in games.


11 – Seabrook. Just ahead of Keith.


12 – Keith. Just below Seabrook.


13 – Bolland. Has been stepping up his game, needs to improve FO%.


14 – Dowell. Pretty solid play, tough. 16 points, +9.


15 – Turco. Often left hung out to dry, but still lost the starting spot.


16 – Pisani. Good on PK, occasional scorer, plus he's the Pope-ah.


17 – Stalberg. I don't know, I guess I expected more out of Lemonhead.


18 – Leddy. Played well for a youngster, should only get better.


19 – Skille. He shoots a lot. Not only that, he shoots a lot.


20 – Boynton. Simply for taking Hoss out at practice.


21 – Hendry. D-pairing with Leddy has shown promise. Kinda.


22 – Johnson. Meh. His TOI seems to be mostly forgettable.


23 – Scott. Outside of the pummeling of Westgarth, what has been the point?

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