TMFF's super dooper Team comparison spreadsheet!

I developed this spreadsheet toward the end of last season, it is a spreadsheet to compare one team against another and can be downloaded here (the 2010-11 is also here). It compares team stats only, I have not yet been able to get it to also breakout players for each team.

Here is a run down of what it does for you, using the 2010-11 season as an example:

This whole spreadsheet automatically updates itself from, which tends to update results and stats first thing early in the morning (overnight), so it stays current throughout the season.

As you can see, allot of data is crammed into a small single display. Here is a break down of each different area and what data it tells you. (Note only one team will be shown since the two teams setup are identical)

This is the main Team Stat area. The team is selectable from a drop down menu of. This is the only thing you need to chose which two team you wish to compare to each other. Once a team is selected, it will automatically update all stats on the entire page.

(Gray-Blue) Beneath the team selection is a breakdown of Overall-Home-Away Wins and losses, including wins and losses in OT/SO. It lists how many team points are earned in each, and what the Points per game average for that specific breakdown, as well as how many games have been played for each break down.

(Gold) Below this is a Home-Away Goal differential (ratio) for the team. It lists the ratio of goals for-against, and also GF/G and GA/G averages for both home and away. A ratio of >1.0 indicates more goals for than against, whereas a ratio <1.0 indicates more goals against then for.

(Dark Blue) The top right area is a total goals scored in a game break down. In other words, underneath the top line 1 is 9. This means the Hawks played 9 games where they scored 1 goals, and following it 30 games where they scored 2 goals and so on. Goals for is highlighted green, goals against in red. The stronger the color indicates  the more common that result occurred. As can be seen the Hawks were strongest in the 3-4 Goals for per game, and 2-3 goals against was the most common. Also included is total Goals for and Against

(Red) The is a Home-Away-Total breakdown in game goal differentials. The numbers in Red-Green on the bottom indicate games in which the team ended by a goal difference of that number. So for the Hawks at home for the Season they won 9 games by 1 goal, and 6 games each by 2 and 3 goals. Once again, the stronger the color the more common the outcome.

(Purple) Includes the Total Goal ratio and GF/G and GA/G. Beneath that is a Special Teams overview, What the PP and PK% are, as well as the NHL rank to the right of it, and how many SHG/F and SHG/A also with NHL ranks to the right of it.

(Yellow) The final breaks down 1 goal game records, Home-Away-Overall. As can be seen, our eye test was correct, the Hawks sucked in 1 goal games in 2010-11.




Beneath the Team's stats break down is a head to head comparison. This chart should be mostly self explanatory. As a note, the first bold number in each line in the "Goals For section to the right of center, indicates total goals for the team indicated. Green and Red are used for team winning in results or advantage in total points earned or games played at their stadium.

The last area is explained in the  chart. Also as a note the "score" for each team only uses GF-GA=Goal Diff-Points-PP/G-W-L-PP G/F-PP Opp-PP%-PK G/A-TSH-PK%-SH G/F-SH G/A. This is to prevent repeating like based rankings, and skew the score.

As a final note, tens of thousands of individual cells with formulas are used in this, changing even one will cause this spreadsheet to act incorrectly and may severely skew numbers or prevent them from even being displayed. Really the only sheet you should need to use is the most left one labeled "Team to Team" (all other tabs are "hidden" but can be unhidden if desired). There are about 6 other sheets that are used in some manner to make this main sheet presentation.

You may see see cells with "##" in them until each team has played at least one game home and away. If two teams have not yet played each other you will also see them in the head to head match up porion as well until they do play each other. The ## should ONLY indicate no data to beable to compute, not an actuall error in the spreadsheet. I included the 2010-11 spreadsheet so you can compare last years teams until this years gets a little ways in.

If you have issue or suggestions let me know! downloaded here

*Note, you may be asked to "enable content" select yes/okay to enable the spreadsheet to autoupdate. If you do not, it will not update off of the website.


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