B.O.C.: (The Hawks Don't Fear) Your Keeper

Influenced by Sam's OBVIOUS nod to John Scott in his postgame writeup, I was inspired to pull out my recently arrived shipment of remastered Blue Oyster Cult CDs. I was amazed at the clarity and quickly realized that I'd been singing the wrong lyrics my whole life. I feel kind of embarrassed.

But being the stickler for historical accuracy that I am, I listened intently to the words of one of my favorites, (Don't Fear) The Reaper, and wrote what I believe to be the ACTUAL lyrics below.



I highly advise listening to the original while singing the corrected lyrics aloud. Trust me, your neighbors won't mind, but your dog might.

Hey Nucks,

(Don't Fear) The Reaper, or
(The Hawks Don't Fear) Your Keeper

Plaaayyyoff time has come
Here, but soon Nucks gone?
Post seasons don't fear your keeper
Nor do Bolland, Sharpy or Kane
(Duncs can be like they are)

Come on, Bobby
(Don't tear, you weeper)
Only one game in hand
(Put away the sweeper)
Things have gone awry
(You've awoken a sleeper)
Bobby, you've been canned!

(to the tune of Chelsea Dagger)
Ha, ha ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha ha, ha, ha

Veziiiiina chance is done
Here, but where's Hart gone?
Daneo and Henriet
Are together in obscurity
(Daneo and Henriet)

20,000 silent at the Rogers, eh?
(Like Daneo and Henriet)
20,000 had their hopes allayed
(Redefining happiness)
Another 20,000 coming back in days?
(We can hope that they are)

Come on, Bobby
(Did smoke get in your peeper?)
Bobby, take my hanky
(Have you been hittin' the reefer?)
Playing like a dealer who's high
(You should carry a beeper)
Bobby, you're our man!

Ha, ha ha, ha, ha
Ha, ha ha, ha, ha

(Three, then two, is one)
(Games 1 thru 3 are gone)

Maimed, another night of haplessness
And it was clear that Lu couldn't go on
Then the door was opened and Cory appeared
The Canucks blew and then disappeared
The Blackhawks flew and grew playoff beards
(They're not ready to shave)

Come on, Bobby
(AV wants you near)
And he ran to him
(Then he started to cry)
Lu looked backward and said goodbye
(He had become our 1st star)
He had unwound as planned
(He had shattered like feldspar)

Come on, Bobby
(Don't fear the reaper)


Go towards the light, Nucks!


And don't forget to look for these and other great hits from B.O.C. available at all Vancouver area Stanley Cup Virgin Record stores:





And this found in the Sam Fels' favorites section (I jest! I jest!)


And coming soon to Chicago? Last year's #1 best seller!:


Hey I know I may be having too much fun at Vancouver's expense (is that really possible??), but this year ain't last year. The Hawks went from Stanley Cup favorites to almost exiting the 1st round without a fight. There's still a long way to go to win this match, but once the series was 3-0 all I asked was that the Hawks at least make the Nucks question themselves. Mission accomplished and overachieved. On to the next one. Win it.

So every chance I get to savor the moment, I'm taking it. And you should too.

Go Hawks!

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