A Tribute to the Vancouver Canucks


For those who were here and remember, for the last two rounds of the 2010 Stanley Cup Finals I has a countdown gif for the Hawks from 16 to 0. It was fun as we battled our way though the Western Conference Final, and rammed heads and locked horns with the Flyers in the Stanley Cup Finals. It was meant to document the journey to the final goal, which Kaner scored in OT of game 6 and lead to Tazer hoisting the Cup and spirits of the Blackhawks and city of Chicago.

I find it only fitting to do the same to countdown the Journey of the Vancouver Canucks toward reaching the peak of their mountain, a mountain whose peak was within reach but they ended up getting eaten by a Bear just short of the summit.


16 – Misconduct Penalties taken by Vancouver in the playoffs (most of any team)

15 – Number of Goals past Luongo in Boston during three games. (What time is it in Boston? 15 past Luongo!)


14 – Games played at Rogers Center, building up to disappointment………………..again.

13 – The Negative rating of Ehrhoff, leading all NHL players in sucking on the ice

12- Goals allowed in Back to back games, TWICE, oh and 12 Bench minors too (NHL most)

11– How many more goals were scored against Vancouver than for in the 2011 Stanley Cup Playoffs (58-69), and Daniels NEGATIVE number in his +/- rating


10 -  Vancouver’s average minutes per game MORE spent on the PK than PP to that of Boston in the playoffs (PP-PK time)

9 – Times Vancouver gave up 4+ goals (Vancouver scored 4+ only 4 times)

8 – Total amount of goals scored by Vancouver in 7 games of the Stanley Cup Finals

7 – Power Play Goals against at home (Sounds good, but Vancouver only managed 6 for at home)

6 – Number of games Vancouver lost, when a win would eliminate their opponent

5 – How many times Vancouver lost by 3+ goals (compared to 1 win by 3+)


4 – Number of times Luongo was pulled in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and how many times Boston scored 4+ goals in the Stanley Cup Finals (Vancouver ZERO!)


3 – Vancouver's position from last of all playoff team in Goals For Average (2.32,  PIT were NYR worse!)


2 – Number of chances Vancouver had to close out a Stanley Cup Championship, and failed


1 – Series Suspension in the Finals (Rome, you are a dumbass!)


0 – Number of total Stanley Cup Banners still hanging in Rogers Center



So well done Vancouver, you were dominant in the playoffs. Congrats and my Hats off to you and your 2010-11 Presidents Trophy. I am certain your banner raising ceremony will put ours to shame.

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