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It looks like many of the members of SCH have some sort of social media account elsewhere.  I know new members have asked before who would be the best to follow on twitter, so I thought hey why not make a media directory for easy access?  They did this over on NM (thanks for the idea eightyseven) and I ended up making quite a few more hockey related friends.

If you are interested in being on the directory just post your twitter handle, facebook name, etc. or the name of a hockey writer, blogger, player that you think people should follow and I will add it to the list. I have started with the ones I follow.  I didn't list the SCH members I follow because I want you to post if it is OK before you are added to the list.

I don't want to be the reason someone is stalked, so by all means please behave yourselves you bunch of heathens.

Twitter people


SCH Members

SCH official twitter                               @2ndCityHockey

stacie7                                                 @tivogoddess

lungfish                                                @coldasitgets

ahnfire                                                 @ahnfire

Roos-34                                               @Roos_34

Jrs23                                                    @j_hawks88

allyouyounghockeyplayersoutthere     @ledtotheflood

Scott13                                                @ScottTKennedy

Slaky                                                    @AndrewCieslak

JesusMarianHossa                              @SouvenirCity

boldmatter                                            @boldmatter

itsnotsomuchmeasitisroenick               @jmcampoverde


Media people

Sam's NBC blog                                @madhousenforcer

Chris Kuc                                           @ChrisKuc

Tim Sassone                                      @TimSassone

Tracey Myers                                     @TramyersCSN

Blackhawks official                            @NHLBlackhawks

Barry Rozner                                     @BarryRozner

ESPN Chicago                                  @ESPNChicago

Greg Wyshynski                                @wyshynski

Adam Jahns                                      @adamjahns

Jesse Rogers                                    @ESPNChiHawks

Down Goes Brown                            @DownGoesBrown

Jay Zawaksi                                      @JayZawaksi670

James Duthie                                    @TSNJamesDuthie

Bob McKenzie                                   @TSNBobMcKenzie

Darren Dreger                                   @DarrenDreger

James Mirtle                                      @mirtle

Dave Lozo                                         @DaveLozo

Scott Oake                                         @Scott Oake

Jeff Marek                                          @JeffMarek

Kelly Hrudey                                      @KellyHrudey

Houses of the hockey                        @HOTHnews

Gord Miller                                         @GMillerTSN



NHL Players


Paul Bissonnette                              @BizNasty2point0

Jeremy Roenick                               @Jeremy_Roenick

Jamal Mayers                                  @jamalmayers

Sami Lepisto                                    @samilepisto

Denis Savard                                    @denissavard18

Brent Sopel                                       @BrentSopel

Bobby Ryan                                      @b_ryan9

George Parros                                  @Stache16

Mike Commodore                             @commie22

Matt Duchene                                   @Matt9Duchene

Scottie Upshall                                 @ScottieUpshall

Mike Richards                                   @MRichie18

PK Subban                                        @PKSubban1

Taylor Hall                                         @hallsy04



Hawks Prospects


Kevin Hayes                                      @KevinPHayes12

Jimmy Hayes                                     @Jimmy10Hayes

Andrew Shaw                                    @Shawz15er

Adam Clendening                              @Clenny5

Mark McNeill                                      @McNeill9

Mike Paliotta                                      @mikepaliotta93








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