Top 50 Reasons Hockey Rules!


This is to make a list of the top 50 reason Hockey Rules as compiled from SCH Nation input.

I'll get the list started and will update it as recommendations are included. The order will be listed from 50 to 1 and rankings will also be based on SCH input, but final position will be what I think the median is, and if that irks you, Fuck Off and go talk Hawks hockey with DTM!

Why Hockey Rules!

33. Mullets

(Kane you have some work to match JJ)

32. Hockey is NOT soccer!

31. The smell of the Stadium: The hint of the ice and the Zamboni Machine lets you know, Hockey is about to be played!

30. The Cold of the arena: When you step into the seating area, you can feel the temperature change, it dries out a little, thanks to that huge 200’ x 85’ slab of ice, just awaiting the pending battle!

29. Slap Shot: Not the shot on goal, but the movie, a Hockey Classic!

28. NHL-94: Classic Hockey Video that addicted many to the fabulous sport of Hockey!

27. The Players: Unlike other sports, primadonas are not the rule, but frowned on exception. They tend to be humble and friendly with the fans, and realize no single one of them can win a game, but anyone of them can certainly lose it.

26. Contracts CAN NOT be renegotiated: Both the player and team have to take what was signed. If a player gets good he cannot hold out for more money, and if a team signs a sucky player for more money than he is worth, the Team has to suck it up. This leads to no Holdouts, no renegotiation suspense, and a guarantee of playing and/or money. This also requires teams to guard their money and Cap, and also allows all teams to compete.

25. It can make grown men cry


24. Hockey Butts: If I am putting the Ice girls butts down below, the ladies I guess deserve this off Tazer!

23. Ice Girls


22. It is played on ice!

21. The Zamboni: Though it has been around for decades, for some reason still has the ability to hypnotize mouthbreathers Hockey Fans as it does circles and makes a fresh surface of ice.

20. The Powerplay: Break the rules and your opponent has you by the nuts for 2 minutes or until they score, if not worse!

19. Goalie saves on a breakaway: The skater gets a clean break, one on none with the goalie, the skater deeks, but the goalie holds his ice and denies the skater.

18. The Penalty Shot: One on One, skater and goalie, who wins? Does the skater score 5-hole or does the goalie shrug off a top shelf attempt?

17. The Sport adapts. As players and goalies adapt to the game and scoring becomes easier or more difficult, the sport also adapts to prevent games from always being 1-0 or 8-7 (eliminating the 2-line pass, or increasing goalie pad size for example). This allows the sport to grow and keep it fun for all.

16. Hockey Sweaters: Classy as Fuck, They're the lace panties of sports clothing

15. Handshake at the end of a playoff series: After 4 games or 7 of intense play and hard fought battles, including the game that awards the Stanley Cup, the mutual respect of the opponent and game is displayed for all.

72204_es_medium(If anyone has a better pic from this game, please let me know!)

14. Intensity: No matter the time in the game or what the score is, the play is intense. Your team takes a break they other team WILL punish you and score. And this is only regular season hockey, the Playoffs are 100x this!

13. Red Lights, Horns and music for goals

12. Whole Team Sport: With line changes, everyone on the team must be able to perform at any given time. Goals a celebrated by the entire line on the ice, individualism is not tolerated here, since it took a total effort of all to make the goal happen!

11. If you have a problem with somebody, breaking your hand with their face is an accepted means of resolving the issue.

10. No other sport can compare to the pace of the game it is Fast, Physical and graceful

9. 60 minutes time on the clock means 60 minutes of action!

8.  Playoff Beards: One way to measure the success of your teams playoff run, the longer the better! Even as a fan, to be able to have a pathetic beardin’ early summer and people know why and give you props for it being so bad, yet so good

7. Standard equipment includes razor sharp pieces of metal and a stick to hit things with!

6. The Sounds: Sticks, skates, ice, the puck off the post , the yells and scuffles and shots from the point that crack off the glass and crashes into the boards.

5. The Fans: They are dedicated, ravage, scream obscenities and pound the glass as action is happening a glass thickness away. Many know the sport better than sports writers do (Chicago of note!), and can’t wait for the next puck to drop!

4. Over Time in the playoffs: You never know what will happen in 7 seconds! Will your team pile on top of each other in the glory of victory, or hang their heads in defeat? The anxiety it creates is something to live for, but may just kill you too!

3. Presentation and parade of the Stanley Cup; even though only one lifts it at a time, it is a total TEAM effort and celebration, no other popular North American sport that celebrates the team like hockey.

2. Lord Stanley's Cup: No other sport has anything like it

1. The Indian Head is the best damn logo in sports

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