Penguins-Hawks Rapid Reaction

Everyone, it's the Other Guys.

How's this for turnaround? Well, with McClure at a wedding (seriously, the dude's at a wedding like twice a month. If you have a wedding, if no one else can come, and if you can find him, maybe you can call....McClure), Killion off doing his awesome beer job thing, i'll just drop some knowledge on the beats, beats that are hard, beats that are funky, we can getcha hooked like a crackhead junkie. Wow, A-Team and Tribe in one paragraph. I guess I'm ready for the season!

-Anyway, this has nothing to do with anything, or maybe it does. But the surface at the UC continues to be an absolute joke. Why is this just accepted? Certainly you can't use the heat today as an excuse. And how many events have been going on there recently? If the surface can't be good now, what will it be when this NBA lockout ends? Dear MSM, can someone ask Bowman or McDonough about this? Fuck, give me an email address, I'll ask.

-Anyway, players. Yeah, Brandon Pirri will be your 4th line center a week from today. I think we're all clear on that, yes?

-Marcus Kruger won't.

-Brandon Saad will probably be playing with Jonathan Toews and Patrick Sharp. Not bad for a 2nd round pick, even if it's only until either Smith or Stalberg are healthy.

-Other than the first couple power plays, the Hawks looked ragged -- though they weren't helped by the ice. Passes missed sticks, and when they weren't they weren't handled.

-Not surprising that after the rush of taking the ice for the first time on Wednesday, both Kane and Hossa looked a little heavy-legged tonight. Natural.

-Michael Frolik looked pretty inspired, as did Bryan Bickell. I choose to like this very much.

-The second goal, though it will be blamed on Ray Emery for a poor clearance, isn't that cut and dried. Emery only had to make that clearance because after the puck left the Pens zone Seabrook and Keith did the ol' Fifth Feather "Are you gonna take that? Should I? Sure you don't want it? I mean I'll take it if you don't want it..." Emery was unlucky that the forwards changed behind that, and should have cleared it harder.

-Speaking of which, Emery's downfall in the playoffs last year was he struggled to move side to side. You might expect that from a guy with a hip that either is or was dying muscle. The third goal would be evidence of that. I'm sure the Hawks just wanted Emery to be competent enough that they could justify sending Salak down, at least to start the season. I'm not sure if he's achieved that, and I'm also not sure Emery wouldn't clear waivers to go to Rockford himself. After all, he only signed here on a tryout, so it's not like there was a keg party at his door.

-Um, enough with the cute-sy passes, kids.

-Oooh, song scene from Easy A. Gotta go. Emma Stone and all.

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