Festivus, For the Rest of You

WTF happened here?? Version 1: I was bored and decided to take all the photos from the CBJ's game and use them in an attempt to tell a "different" story. Kind of a creative exercise. That went off tangent. A few times. FYI, I started this prior to Wiz getting injured, but that provided an all too fitting conclusion.

Version 2: Since the Blackhawks were off for a handful of days, they weren't able to celebrate Festivus like the rest of us until their game against the lowly Columbus BJ's and even lower life form James Wisniewski.

And since I know many of you watch the games via online feeds or from the 300 section, you probably don't catch all of what really happens on the ice, at least not the stuff the MSM doesn't want you to know. But because I'm such an altruistic guy (and in the spirit of the holidays), using my command center technology, I bring it to you now.

First off, in case you're a "typical bandwagon Hawks fan", you need to understand the man known as Wiz.

Why we* don't like Wiz: Very simple. He was an overrated, useless POS meathead when he played for Chicago. (* I know there's some of you who feel otherwise - and silently cheer when you see John Scott's name in the starting lineup)

Why we hate Wiz: That's quite simple too. Who doesn't? It definitely has nothing to do with that headshot back in 2010 that Wiz laid on a certain friend of his, who was coincidentally supposed to stand up in his upcoming wedding.

(I originally had the wrong video embedded, so now Step Brothers might make more sense)

I'm sure they've put that all behind them. And you should too.

Fast forward to December 26th, 2011...

Not much excites "Old D" these days...

I dunno, Leddy. You did try to steal Keith from him earlier this year. Hmm.

C'mon. Wiz is injured by a shot in Dallas, from a guy with three names, whose middle name just happens to be "Harvey", and whose number is 63?? Does anyone else find the "coincidence" just a bit far fetched? You don't have to be from Vancouver or Detroit to see the obvious conspiracy here.

OK, so maybe I made up the whole Harvey thing, but still...

Disclaimer: No actual fan or NHL player that we give two shits about was injured in this post. Those two guys simply "stepped out for a beer" because "Hey brah, this place is a sausage factory!"

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