It's All Mememe

Memes: a fancy new way of saying "Running Joke". SCH is riddled with them, some timeless, some less so. Of course, in the process of this entire blog's steady retreat from conversing in anything that's recognisable as English to outsiders, there are some Shibboleths that didn't quite make the cut. However, they should not be forgotten: Here we honour those memes that fell by the wayside in the Grand SCH(m)eme of Things..

The Complex Equ"a"tion..


What It Means: This was originally designed as an addition to the ever trusty "a" and "z" comments, used to indicate boredom, disagreement or "I'ma ignore you, KTHX". It was intended to be inserted into lengthy Stats Discussions where one feels, in the words of Hjammertime, "Like the kid at the back of the class with a crayon up my nose" and wishes to make it through there with braincells intact.

Why It Didn't Make It: VerStig took a careful look at it and discovered a malfunctioning Multiplier that takes (x)t as a Coefficient when k is at a constant value. How he and CNS laughed! The creator of this meme has yet to recover from the shame



What It Means: "What Would Mike Milbury Do?" Meant to be used when facing deep and delicate questions that relate to the state of Hockey as it stands, its likely future and of course the ghost of its rich past and tradition. Fighting, visors, concussions and suspensions should all be approached in as boorish, aggressive and utterly meatheaded a way as possible. With added shouting.

Why It Didn't Make It: The first answer to pop into everyone's heads when they asked themselves "WWMMD?" was"Trade Zdeno Chara for Alexei Yashin". And that was pretty much that.


What It Means: The practice of going back to long dead threads in order to deliver a Valediction. Named for the past master of the 'Delayed Snark' cliffkoroll (see also girlphoenix)

Why it Didn't Make It: By the time anyone managed to comment "cliffkotroll/d" on one, the Comments section for the thread was Closed.

Internet Fight Event Horizon

What It Means: When a "Healthy Exchange Of Views" goes on for so long that replies start shrinking towards illegibility on the right hand side of the thread. At this point the dicscussion has become so gravitationally heavy that light, matter and any meaning can no longer escape from it as it collapses in on itself towards infinite density

Why it Didn't Make It: when a chain of comments has become so small that people are having to select a smaller font size to fit "a" in, what are the chances of cramming in the full title?


What It Means: "Steven Patrick Morrissey" The direct antithesis to "DLR", in real life as in SCH usage. Used when the Hawks have Shit The Bed, Pissed on Their Chips and Royally Screwed the Pooch (which sounds like my average Friday night). The playing of this video after a game heralds a bright Post-Game Thread where people are either jumping down each other's throats, fighting for position on The Ledge or decrying the personal lives of Hockey players (sometimes with an added guess at their lifespan!)

Why it Didn't Make It: There's not enough Kool-Aid in the world to counteract this level of misery.


What It Means: To post incredibly detailed posts about how poor the Hawks are, their slim chances in the Playoffs, how Kane's recent slump is due to him snorting hookers off coke's breast..etc etc..

Why it Didn't Make It: NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU HAS SEEN WHAT I'VE SEEN.. I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Shoulder chips on fire off the shoulder of Orion. I watched C-holders get hurt in the dark near the Rinner gate. All those moments will be lost in time... like tears in rain... Time to die.

and finally..


What It Means:

Just a Link, sorry!

Why it Didn't Make It: See any recent GDT for details..

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