SCH INLINE HOCKEY CLUB: Farewell Tour Vol. III Game 12/2 @ 10 AM

The time is finally here to announce the final game of the SCH INLINE HOCKEY CLUB for 2012. We started the season the weekend of St. Patty's Day and have been playing every week possible (games may have been cancelled due to rain or Pee Wee hockey taking over the rink). Overall, the season went very well. The club saw many new faces as well as old. We even had a player from Minnesota come and play for 2 games. For a while, the state of the game was in jeopardy, but because of our fearless leader, Mike, we were able to revive it to the point where we averaged 10-12 quality players at the end of the year including this past Sunday. It's been a real hoot to play with goalies and a sub.

It saddens me to announce the final game of the year, but let's get one more decent turnout for the final game.

As always, anyone and everyone is encouraged to play. We have a wide variety of talent and teams are split rather evenly.

Below is the information:

Date: SUNDAY 12/2

Time: 10 a.m. (58 DEGREE WEATHER)

Location: Pine Park in Hoffman Estates, just North of Route 62.

It is now my favorite part of the post, the awards.


Hart Memorial Trophy: Original Rick

- Let's be honest, he missed a miniscule amount of games and skated endless circles around everyone

Lady Bing Memorial Trophy: Spencer

- He really encouraged everyone to play their best and was a real gentleman about it

Vezina Trophy: Lucas

- He volunteered every week to play goal and managed to stone wall everyone. He truly was Ed Belfour out there

Calder Memorial Trophy: Chris and Keith

- Both are brothers and both help revive the Club

James Norris Memorial Trophy: New Rick

- He seemed to always be in the defensive zone

Bill Masterton Trophy: Gary

- Suffered a career threatening injury not only for his real career but also his SCH career. He came back with a vengeance, throwing bows and taking names

Ted Lindsay Award: Sam

- When he did play, he seemed to dominate no matter what. I think we all vote him number in our hearts.

Frank J. Selke Trophy: Brian

- I think he played two way hockey. I really don't like the kid (I love him), so I don't know what else to say.

William M. Jennings Trophy: Lucas and Gary

NHL Plus-Minus Award: Derrick

- He was much bigger than Spencer and I and Spencer and I couldn't score when he was yelling at us. We call him the "Chara".

NHL Foundation Player Award: Tim

- I need an award somewhere and I did convince some of the community to come out and play with us. I was a decent recruiter even though people only averaged 5 games each. It still counts. Let's not forget my charitable work the night before

Maurice Rocket Richard Trophy: Nick

- He seemed to score 3 every week.

Roger Crozier Saving Grace Award: Fred and Chris

- They were not here much but you add their save % together and its pretty high

Mark Messier Leadership Award: O Captain my Captain. This award goes to Mike. He has taken time out of his busy schedule to promote, maintain, and coordinate these great events. Even the day after his wedding, he showed up and played. We could not ask for a better leader.

NHL General Manger of the Year Award: Mike again. Do I need to say more?

I just rattled off names for the awards. If you don't agree with them, write in the comments please.

Special thanks to:

Mike, Spencer, Original Rick, New Rick, Bradley, Weber, Ryan M, Brian, Lucas, Nick, Derrick, Paul, Chris (goalie), Chris and Keith, Kevin, Steven, Jason and his crew (I'm really bad with names), Fred, Tim, Gary, Phil, Mike, and anyone else I missed.

One time showers:

Marky, Ricky, Terry, Mikey, Davey, Timmy, Tommy, Joey, Robby, Johnny, Brian, and Willy

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