10 Hawks Observations

1) The creaking was audible as the Red Wings entered the United Center. They look very beatable with Datsyuk hurting, and he might be slowed down a tad for the rest of the season.

2) It is huge for the Hawks to step up and win without Captain Serious.They looked a little discobobulated at 1st, but then their game elevated, with great energy.

3)Speaking of which, Hayes is impressive as an active and aggressive big man who can skate. He will be much better then Shaw as a pro.

4) Krueger looks solid and is a beast around the net. Another 5-10 lbs. next year on his frame and he could be a stalwart 2nd line center. He has good instincts and plays highly determined. Speaking of Centers, I was right, Connelly for Mojo risin was ridiculous.

5) It's fun to watch Kane skating full speed straight ahead. He looks like he has some hops back, as well as other Hawks. However, it is time for some players to stop the cutesy 5 Hole shot, and start going Top Shelf.(Hello Kane, Bolland).

6) Re. shooting, Stalberg is playing great and is difficult for other teams to contain, and once his hands catch up a little more to his feet, he will be an elite forward (his backhand is looking deadly).

Frolick's new nickname should be Water Bug.

7) Hello Corey Crawford. Where have you been? A small sample of 4 games, but he looks good again. Just in the nick of time, I don't know how a player can turn things around so dramatically.

8) Speaking of which, Keith and the Hawks D looks solid again. I like Olsen and Lepisto's play, esp. if Lepisto shakes off the rust and stops the occasional bone headed turnover. Leddy is also playing better, in fact, as a group, they are better off without Jelly Bean, who should be 3rd line when he returns.

9) I am not sure why Q rolls out Scott, but I give him the benefit of the doubt, and when the Hawks are winning it is kinda fun watching an ogre trying to skate. At least he makes good desicions with the puck usually, and I notice the opponents not making as many runs at Hawks when he is active.

10)It looks like the Hawks might be back. Keep this up, improve the PP, and Springtime Hockey could be very entertaining in Chicago.

Go Hawks, beat the Stars! Your thoughts?


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