Greatest UC Moments this Regular Season

Hello, my friends. This is Marian Hossa, here to tell all of my good friends about the happy times we have had at the United Center this year. Woop! It has been the Kennywood Rollercoaster, has it not? (although not with the lousy Cheez & Bacon Fries.. I ask for Pierogi , but no..) But, after Minnesota game we say farewells to our Home until the Post-Season. So, here are best times at Home ice for me and my friends.. I hope you enjoy!

Is First One.. My Friend Patrick and His Spinning-Thing ANA@CHI 25/10/11


Marian Says: Ah! Is happy memory for me! I lend My Puck to Kaner and he do like a crazy spin to give me My Puck back for easy tap in goal. Rumour Marian hear is that Lydman now need personal assistant to screw him into his pant each morning! So Funny! People mention how it like "Savard" but the best spin I see Savard do is after Matt Cooke rearrarrange his brains. Is maybe "Lost In The Translations"

Why It's Great: Every single person who suggested trading Patrick Kane should be forced to watch this repeatedly, Clockwork Orange style, while the "Lower-Milwaukee-Men's-Kazoo-Orchestra" plays Ode To Joy.

In The Playoffs?: Well, the Mighty Disney Movie won't be joining the Adults Table this year, so the best option would be for Kaner to execute a similar move on Lidstrom, just to see if spinning him anti-clockwise will cause his Chakra to reveal his True Age.. (look it up on the interwebs..)

Is Second One.. and is Anaheim Again! How Funny! ANA@CHI 16/12/11


Marian Says: Ah! This game is good for many reason! We see my Friend Dave score goal and raise hand for moment , like criminal who realise cop has no gun, and my Friend Sharpie score after keeping My Puck like me. But best moment of night for Marian is my Friend Jamal scoring on a Stuff.. He had not made the Goal happen in 24 games and then he use all available Ducks to do so! Pierogis for him!

Why It's Great: (Relatively) Unsung Heroes Brunette and Mayers combine to create a bit of mayhem in and around Hiller.. Jamal goes for the wrap-around and banks it in off the blocker.. This was probably the start of the Jammer-As-Folk-Hero thing. Also, the Fluffy-Brookbank fight was another hilarious mismatch.

In The Playoffs: I see the Hawks Fourth Line creating sheer bloody hell around many elite NHL goalies. And Roberto Luongo.

Is Three! STL@CHI 19/2/12

Marian Says: This one is Big Favourite in Marian's House.. we watch it oftentimes. Ha! Is easy goal for me. I think maybe pass to my Friend Duncan but Blues shinguard have suffered enough. So I score from Gary, Indiana.. Is fun time.


Why It's Great: After a Hard-Fought Contest where both teams had really punched themselves out, Duncan Keith and Dave Bolland cancel out Andy McDonald's Late-First-Period strike.. then, with Elliot pulled, Hossa gets His puck in his own zone, looks up and... well, this is why he's Marian Hossa and You're Not

In The Playoffs: Having read that the folks at SLGT think he's "Softer Than Wet Tissue Paper", Hossa shrugs it off with a wise and rational comment about how "I just happy to play in NHL". He also scores a hat-trick against Halak, gets Elliot pulled, and flosses with Backes' spinal column in the WCF.

This one is recent! Is still funny! VAN@CHI 21/03/12


Marian Says: Ha! In this one I have many, many chance. But I not score at all. Happy that my friend Patrick get a goal and then, when overtime come, young Andrew get the winner !He is good.. I like him.

Why It's Great: Well, it's a game-winner against Vancouver, which is always good. The fact that it's a Shaw redirect of a Bolland shot only makes it sweeter. Bolland looked irritated, though.. only having one Sedin on the ice to harass ruined his night.

In The Playoffs: Oh, boy...

OK.. I hope you all have much happiness until we all meet again at United Center in Playoffs! I try not to take Five-Minute Major at end of Game 5 again and you all make sure to enjoy Dagger of Chelsea when I make him happen!

Let's Go Hawks!

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