End Of Season Awards

Well, the Hockey is over now.. another Season is home and hosed and all that remains, before the endless Draft and Free Agency wittering, is to dish out the individual player awards to deserving recipients and David Backes.

However, it would be remiss of me & the monkeys to ignore the various contributions that have made SCH its usual fun-filled self this year.

So, without further ado (or hurling of faeces, please chaps) here are the SCH awards.. if you feel you were cruelly overlooked please let me know in the comments section.

Important Note to Laaarmer: The 'Egg Thing' is DEFINITELY getting a mention. Sorry.

The "Whoops, I Appear To Have Blood On My Shoe" Award for Massive Internet Fights

Winner: Stats. Of all things. You would think that the gentle study of Advanced Mathematics, soundtracked by the crunching of numbers and softly lit by the glow of Excel Spreadsheets would be a relatively Highbrow pursuit, involving much learned and erudite discussion of "Outliers" and whether Qualcomp should be applied in case of Zone Start Differentials. Leather patches on elbows and the smoking of pipes would be assumed.

But no, this is SCH after all. Instead the Stats threads and Fanposts became scenes of carnage and namecalling that would put Pro Wrestling to shame. And this is before laaarms could get a word in to debunk the very existence of numbers.

Runners Up: There was some post about John Scott that became a bloodbath, if I recall.. and other than that anytime <Redacted> was around..

Mostly we got on like a house on fire. Literally.

The "You Ain't From 'Round Here Boy" Award for Opposition Blog Visitors

Before I announce the winner of this, I would like to remind westy99 and the rest of the NM crew that they're part of the family now and don't count. Ditto for flyersfan and Elvis.

Winner: The folks from Mile High Hockey. Not only are they a bunch of crazy, drunken maniacs (so, right at home on SCH) they also provided decent commentary and erudite opinions whenever they came over. They also had a Poetry Slam on a Playoff Game Thread. This is what tipped them to the win. Andidee can come and pick up the trophy at some point.

(I didn't feel it necessary to say it was an SCH Playoff Thread.. Avs fans have some downtime at that time of year)

Runners Up: The Hockey Wilderness kids were great, not least for a whole meme being created about my brother being a girl (OK, Geraldine?) Davisca from OTF can take a bow.. eminemilie will always be welcome on SCH too

We would also like to thank Davisca , TomServo04 from SCOC, JJ & amerinadian from WIIM and any other Opposition Bloggers who came to say hello in a cool way.. which brings us to.

The "Who Dat Trip Trappin' On My F'N Bridge" Award for Troll Of The Year

Winner Loser: it's got to be PekkaForPredatorPontiff, who is considered an embarassment by the folks on OTF. It showed up for a while, trolled then quickly retreated behind "I wuz only havin' a Southern-Style joke with y'all" folksiness. Basicially, if a bottle of Wild Turkey could type on the internet, that was Pekkahead (as it got christened).

Banhammered, after we got to have some fun.

Other Losers: Well, we're going to have to mention <Redacted>at some point aren't we? His pointless unpleasantness, constant reminders about how our opinions were worthless because we hadn't "Played the game" or been a (Partial) STH since 567BC and tendency to SIGH when faced with a cogent argument (and lets not forget being invited to the Borg-Level at the UC so his "Buddies" could laugh at us) led to Sam Fels banning him.. and then the Mods taking turns to re-ban him.

And of course there was mhsilver.. the less said the better, right there.. came back under another guise and got banned again.. Which leads us to

The "Why Are You Letting Your Nasty Body Fluids Mess Up My Axe?" Award for Mod of the Year.

Winner: All of them. I value my life, after all. Ahn kicked ass as is her habit, Stacie reminded us that she isn't always the 'nice' one and created @Truckerstacie on Twitter to give us an insight into her rage.. SKeen was the one who twigged that mhsilver was back as a Sock Puppet and Skags had that poignant night where he tried to hook up to watch a Hawks game with BigCSouthside in Columbus.. BigC being incapacitated by flu made it a case of ships passing in the night..

Runners Up: JuliaM. for getting so angry about some dumb troll's racist nonsense that she deleted his comments. Julia rules.

The "DGB Should Be This Funny " Award for Funniest MF on SCH

Winner: BigCSouthside. Damn.. if that drunken maniac ever decides to do FanPosts rather than videos I can consider myself redundant. BigC is consistently hilarious and, I'm sure, will, some day, grab hold of that bell that they ring when The Beej score, rip it from its moorings and run down the street with it.

Runners Up: The CNS photoshops have been at their usual level: which is Amazing. TMFF, Waylon and cliffkoroll have also kicked arse.

And this leads to

The "Whatthafurckareyoulookingat?" Award. It's the Lifetime Achievement Award. I'm awarding it to laaarmer for The Most Amazing Shit to Happen onSCH.

Winner: laaarms. For this, alone, The eggs

I don't know how to link straight to the comments.. so just scroll down until you discover all-green comments and the immortal line

What's with the fucking coupons?

In addition to Datsyuk always offering coupons, now Eric Staal? I don’t need coupons.

laaarms Wins, Forever for that

Runners Up: Turning the whole goddam Third Period Thread green after the Hawks finally ended the Losing Streak From Hell against the Rags.. which led to the TOS asking this question..

Would you nutjobs care to explain to us the deal with our entire green 3rd period thread? -Fels

There were many GIFs too.. it's here

So, basically, it's been a pile o' fun watching this season with you folk.. see you all next year.

Peace mmD

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