SCH Inline Hockey Club: Next Game 9/30 8:00 AM (Yes, You're Reading that Right!)

The Kids are Alright, yeah, yeah, The Kids are Alright. The Hoffman Estates Wolfpack Youth Hockey program has invaded OUR rink. This week they plan on being out there from 10:30 to 1:30, so we are arranging our schedule around them. We've got a thread working down below asking everybody for their best time slots. Looks like the bright and early slot of 8:00 AM is going to win out. With this group, that means high energy hockey no later than 8:30!

Game Update 9/23/12 - Spencer's got a nice write-up in the comment section. We skated 4 on 4 with goalies on each side and three subs to boot. It was a nice turnout and good to see Big Tim and Ian back into the mix. Tim even sniped one in from the blue line!

Game Update 9/16/12 - Hockey rolled on Sunday at beautiful Pine Park in Hoffman Estates as League owners could not stop SCH IHC players from hitting the rink. Turnout was a solid 10 even though we were missing our fearless leader Mike. The day was highlighted by the return of one of our Original Six, Paul The Fossil.

We played 4 on 4 hockey, 2 goalies no subs, in our version of ironman hockey. Spencer and Lucas jumped in goal for Game 1.

White Skaters for the Day: Tim, Rick, Nick, Gary, Lucas

Red Skaters for the Day: Paul, Alex, Rick EZ, Derrick, Spencer

Even with Lucas standing on his head in goal for Team Red, White took Game 1. We lost Alex for Games 2 and 3 and switched up the goalies. I jumped in on one end while we played posts on the other. Once again though, Rick and Tim skating together were just too much making quick work of me in goal in Game 2 and pinging enough posts in Game 3.

We finished the day playing half-court 2 on 3 low-lighted by Tim removing his shirt. After 2 plus hours we finally called it quits when one of Tim's wheels shredded.

Everyone had some nice moments today. Lucas was stellar in net and then skated out scoring two goals hitting a pipe on one and beating me off the blocker on another.

Derrick and Spencer scored a pretty goal in Game 3 with Spencer circling all the way around the net and finding a wide open Derrick in front who one-timed it in.

Paul made his day worthwhile late in Game 3 as he blew down the left side, cranked one off my right shoulder, and found his own rebound after it deflected off the post and laid in the crease before I could find it.

The number one star of the day though is an easy choice. Not only did Tim have his usual Energizer Bunny hopped on steroids routine working all day long but he added all kinds of finish to go with it.

We're having a great time playing spirited hockey and it's not too late to join us. The weather Sunday was fantastic and it's only going to get better as we close out these last two months. THIS IS YOUR OFFICIAL ENGRAVED INVITATION! All you need are some skates and the ability to remain upright while wearing them.

NEXT GAME: Sunday September 30, 8:00 AM.

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