The Hawk last to wear the number....

This is a new NHL since the hard Salary Cap was introduced in 2005, the times of year after year after year dynasties of old are probably a relic of the past, parity is the new term for the league. Given the forced parity among teams, the Blackhawks have been to 3 of the last 5 Western Conference Finals, won a Presidents trophy, Two Campbell trophies and have topped it off with two Stanley Cups.

With this, have any players who have won both those cups already earned enshrinement and be the last to wear their numbers?

For me, four players so far are worthy of at least considering such an honor at this point.

#2 Duncan Keith 2005-Retirement

Broke in with the Hawks when ignoring that Chicago actually had a hockey team was cool.

Gold Medal Olympian

Norris Trophy winner, sacrificed body parts to win a Stanley Cup, one of the best Defense Men to ever wear Four Feathers.

#7 Brent Seabrook 2005-????

Also broke in with the Blackhawks when Dollar Bill ran the Show fans out of the United Center

Gold Medal Olympian

Consistently one of the best Defenseman on the ice, and Man-Bro of Duncan Keith. these two just cannot be separated, even in the rafters.

#88 Patrick Kane 2007-????

One of the most skilled players to ever wear the Indian Head

One of the dynamic duo that brought Hockey back to Chicago


Conn Smythe Winner

Possess Black Magic as seen by some Bauer-Vector Hidden Camera and countless Goalies, never go against Black Magic!

#19 Jonathan Toews 2007-Forever

Um, He is THE Captain, like THE CAPTAIN


Conn Smythe........Has it

Triple Gold........Youngest EVER!!

More Cups than the "Greatest Hockey Player(s) playing today"

Seriously, does it he need explaining?

If the Hawks manage more Conference Finals Appearances, Finals Appearances or Cup wins, I think these four are easy picks for this honor, but I also think the discussion would also be valid to include Hjalmarsson, Sharp and Hossa (provided they were still on the team as well). It may sound like quiet a bit to include them, or even this many. But 4+ Conference Finals, 3+ Finals and/or 3+ Cups in the alary Cup era is no small feat, and these players are the reason for. Mark Messier had his number retired in New York after only 1 Cup and 10 years in a rags Sweater. Most if not all the names above will easily clip that (no they are not Messier, I know this!), but what they have done for the history and prestige of the team, I think at least earns the discussion of being the last to wear their numbers.

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