My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Sharks A Night of History

Jonathan Daniel

While last nights game is one that will probably go down as one of the most memorable, the game itself was pretty boring. The Sharks took the lead late in the first, which still seems to be a recurring issue for the Hawks. Start and Finish the periods strong! Luckily, Stalberg was able to tie the game early into the second and Saad scored a nice shortie to take the lead.

The Hawks never really seemed worried but they almost looked a little too calm. Once they took the lead Lovie Smith seemed to replace Quenneville behind the bench and the Hawks went into prevent D.

My 4th star for last nights game is going to a grinder who almost had a 50/50 split between EV TOI and SH TOI and has been a big impact for the Hawks this year on the third line and penalty kill. He didn't have any points but spending over 5 minutes on the ice while short handed and not giving up a goal is exactly what the 4th star is all about.

Michael Frolik gets my 4th star of the night and really for the season for contributing on the penalty kill and really stepping up nicely in an increased role this year. It seems he has found a buddy in Marcus Kruger and they are really developing together this season. It's given Toews and Hossa a chance to take a little more time on the bench which gives them more strength on the 5 on 5. And how great has the Hawks even strength looked this year? There have been times in almost every single game where it looks like they are on the power play because they are moving and cycling the puck so well. It's so much fun to watch.

But those things come from the contributions of guys like Frolik. He is going to be even more important once the playoffs come around and his defensive presence is going to be premium.

Honorable Mention: Patrick Kane with an assist. Pretty sure I saw him attempt two changes on one shift as well. But on a serious note Kaners back-checking seems improved this year and while his defensive zone presence can still be probably best described as aloof, before the puck gets into the zone Kane has been much more interested in stick checking and working.

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