My 4th Star Blackhawks vs. Blue Jackets

Jonathan Daniel

I know you all missed my 4th Star from the Blues game but don't you worry cause I'm back with the 4th Star from last nights game against the BJ's. I was excited to see Bickel get some recognition last night earning the top star of the game. I had some trouble picking the 4th star from last night, two guys stood out, one has the statistics to back it up and the other didn't. One also had the game winning goal and somehow didn't earn one of the top 3 so I gotta go with him.

Seabrook has struggled this season, while most of the other defenders have found a comfort groove on the ice and have shone at different times during this streak. But Seabrook, even through all the winning, hasn't looked like himself at times. Last night even though the Hawks played down to the Blue Jackets, hopefully this doesn't become an all season trend, but they still got 2 points and in the end that's what matters.

Seabrook had 3 shots on goal last night, played almost 27 minutes and had the game winning goal on what can only be described as a miraculous pass from captain.

Captain Serious was my other thought for 4th Star last night, normally, if Toews plays his game he is going to be honored as one of the top 3.

Johnny had a down night compared to his game against the Blues the other night with only one shot on goal and was a -1 last night.

But he won 55% of his faceoffs and took 22 shifts, more than any other forward. He was a 0 corsi, which isn't what you want from your 1st line center against a team like the Blue Jackets but Toews, like the rest of the Blackhawks found a way to get it done last night.

Alright, so I'll cheat and split the 4th star between Toews and Seabrook. It's only fitting because they were somehow able to find each other for the game winning goal, even though according to Seabrook, Toews didn't see and he never called for the puck and it still made it through two Jacket defenders straight to his tape for a one time winner.

Oh and in case any one was really missing my 4th star from the Blues game, I will sarcastically award it to David Backes.

David, you clearly showed you are the best captain in the NHL two nights ago when you chose to go after and pick on younger and smaller players. You got physically outplayed all night and got outscored by a real leader.

But because you and the St. Louis fans continue on the delusional path that you are somehow greater than the guy up I-55, I'll give you this 4th star for your trophy case because it's the only one you are going to get this season.

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