Game Preview Q&A with Hockey Wilderness

Jonathan Daniel

Here is our second installment of a Q&A session with a writer from another blog. Since we have some friends over at Hockey Wilderness, we thought we would bring it back again. I also have a little side wager with Emilie that whichever team wins tonight, the loser has to change their profile picture on SB Nation for a week to a picture of a player from the winning team, winner's choice. Should add some fun to tonight's game, below are my questions for Emilie and her answers, head over to Hockey Wilderness to see her questions and my answers.

1.) Despite being only two points behind Vancouver for first in your division, and 6th in the western conference, some might say that the season so far has been a disappointment for the Wild, why do you think that is?

I think that the only reason the season could be categorized as is because fan expectation was SO high with the signings of Parise and Suter, plus the arrival of Mikael Granlund. Without a training camp, only having a small amount of guys playing overseas, and massive roster turnover, it was unrealistic for people to expect that the Wild would be at the top of the standings right away. The last few games the team has really started to click, and I think the team is playing more like fans expected. No reasonable fan expected a Stanley Cup win, or even the Wild making it to the W.C. finals, but if they don't make the playoffs, then this season would be a disappointment

2.) With the April 3rd trade deadline fast approaching, if you could play GM for a day and make one trade (real world), who would it be and why?

This is really hard to decide on. I even spent 20 minutes discussing it with another writer from HW (thanks Dan!). It would really depend on what the need was towards trade deadline. Personally, I would like to see a few new faces on the bottom D pairing. I can tell you who's i'd like the Wild to trade though...Konopka, Pierre-Marc Bouchard, Justin Falk, and Nate Prosser.

3.) Any nerves knowing the Wild are playing the team that is off to the best start in NHL history and think they will continue on their winning ways?

It's no sercret that I harbor a love affair for the Hawks. But they've got to lose sometime, and the Wild have shown that they have the skills to beat them already this season. Honestly I'll be happy either way, but I would be REALLY REALLY happy with a Wild win. (Sorry guys, love you anyway)

Bonus: Who would you call up from the Houston Aeros to help push the Wild?

The Wild already have their good AHL players up here with Clutterbucks injury. Jason Zucker has added the speed that Wild needed, Jonas Brodin is damn GOD on the blueline, and Charlie Coyle has added a lot of size and strength to the top line (seriously, this guy can not be pushed off the puck, it's unreal) and Darcy Kuemper hasn't looked out of place playing back up to Backstrom. So...there are guys that certainly could find success with the big club, but they aren't needed right no

Hockey Wilderness Questions

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