Trade Deadline: Who Would Leave?

With the trade deadline looming and only 3 more games for the Blackhawks before March 5th I have been reading a ton on who might be heading our way. The rumors seem to mostly involve the following players:

Thomas Vanek - Not happening, too expensive?

David Legwand - Possible? Currently in last year of deal, has a no-trade clause, but who would turn down Chicago right now?

Matt Moulson - A winger like Vanek and cheaper as well, but word on the street is he will fetch more than than Bowman is willing to give

Ryan Callahan - Same boat as Mouslon where he might be to expensive, especially if the Hawks cannot extend him past this cup run

Mike Cammalleri - Seems like a likely option because he can play center and wing, would be affordable to keep past this season and might not fetch an astronomical asking price like some of the above names.

Personally I think Vanek would become a perennial All-Star if he played in Chicago, finally surrounded by a ton of talent. His game is full of finesse and somewhat stealthy moves which plays perfectly into the defensive attention so many Blackhawks already take up.

What I have not read much about is who would be leaving Chicago for a piece in return...which left me wondering what chess pieces he has on his side and is willing to sacrifice for another player.

This post : notes that the Hawks only have 4 soon-to-be unrestricted free agents and the list isn't star-studded : Michal Handzus, Brandon Bollig, Peter Regin and Sheldon Brookbank. None of these players are focal points for the team, Handzus leads this group with only 13:30 minutes on the ice per game.

The above post also mentions draft picks which seems like a gimme, but those same picks will have dwindling value as Chicago continues to win games. If a team hasn't figured out the picks they are getting won't be in the top 20 then they shouldn't be making trades to begin with.

Looking at the roster it's hard to imagine who they would deem moveable. At least from my point of view there are a lot of untouchables, as there should be for a team this good, so the only names that I can think of to throw out there would be the aforementioned UFAs and role players. However, aren't role players what the Blackhawks would be trading for? Other than Vanek I think the rest can be considered 2nd and 3rd liners, especially on this team so why make a move?

From a fan point of view I think that the Blackhawks should sit tight with what they have, plus they don't really have any chances on their schedule other than tonight to mix in players in order to "showcase" their abilities. They have tonight against NY, Saturday at Soldier (an outdoor game isn't a great scouting venue) and Tuesday's game at home (which I bought tickets for) is too late. If anything I hope to show up to UC to see Quenneville's newest toy in the lineup if a move is made at all.

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