SCH INLINE HOCKEY CLUB: Next Game 04/012 @ 11!


Date: Saturday, April 12

Time: 11:00 a.m.

Required equipment: Skates and Stick

Who can play: Everybody!!!


This was probably our best season opener we have had. The weather was beautiful and we are able to play 5 on 5 with goalies and 3 bench players. That means we had a total of 18 people show up. I thought it would just be me and Tim skating in circles and holding hands. Thanks all for coming out.

Team Red

Tim, Brian, Steve Ness, Spencer, Nick, Rick, New Ian, Mike

Goalie: Lucas

Team White

Andrew, Bradley, McShea, Steve-1, Steve Weltzer, Chris, Cary, Matt

Goalie: Gary

Game 1: Team White: 5 Team Red: 0

The highlight of this game is I think we had our first SCH shutout. Therefore, I dub Gary has this game's MVP. He faced a lot of shots early but turned each of them away like all the girls shun Tim away at the bar.

Game 2: Team White: 2 Team Red: 5

Lucas came up big in this game. After his team played crappy defense in the first game, there was a change in strategy. We had our first trade of the season. Team Red traded the highly touted prospect Steven Weltzer to Team White for the crafty veteran who will soon be adopting a Corgi in the near future me. Special shout out to Steven W. He is still a teenager and is attempting to skate with the big boys. He is holding his own. Anyways, he has to feel pretty bad considering the trade favored the red team as Team Red takes the victory. Even though TIm scored two goals and 1 assist in this game, I have to give the MVP to Lucas. He made some ridic saves.

Game 3: Team White: 5 Team Red: 1

Team White was too big, too fast and too strong for Team Red. Cary had a great game. Man, that guy's conditioning is absurd. Anyways, this game was kind of like watching the Sabres play the Bruins. MVP goes to Gary for another stellar showing in net.

Overall, the season opener MVP goes to Gary. He had 2 victories with a shutout and only gave up 1 goal in his two victories. I could say I was the MVP because I managed to be on the winning team all 3 times but my hockey lingo really needs some work. I have no idea what "You are 3 strong" means and the fact that I have my bread of dogs wrong just makes him the club's (fill in the blank). Rookie of the game goes to New Ian because he was the only newbie there. Comeback player goes to McShea because it has been almost a year since we last seen him lace up his skates.

Tim will be out of town Sunday so you will not be blessed with my presence. Somebody will send out the email next week. Again, thank you all for coming and we hope to continue to see you.

See Everybody this Sunday!

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