Staff Report Cards: Peter Regin

Jeff Gross
All situations 5 on 5 on-ice EV 5 on 5
GP G A P TOI/60 S/60 Sh% PenD CF% CF% rel GF% GF% rel Sh% Sv% PDO ZS% ZS% rel EVTOI% PPTOI% SHTOI% QoC TOI% QoT TOI%
Regular Season 61 4 7 11 11.3 5.9 5.80% 8 52.60% 1.80% 38.50% -9.20% 4.70% 91.50% 96.2 47.50% -5.40% 20.60% 8.00% 12.50% 27.80% 27.60%
Playoffs 5 0 0 0 11.2 4.2 0.00% 1 40.00% -13.10% 40.00% -14.50% 13.30% 89.30% 102.6 51.00% 2.90% 21.80% 0.00% 0.30% 26.80% 27.20%

Peter Regin was acquired along with Pierre Marc Bouchard from the New York Islanders on February 6th. That same day, the Blackhawks told Brandon Pirri to hit I-90 back to Rock Vegas. With Pirri written off, the thought was that for the pittance of a 4th round pick, New York opted to foot part of the bill as well, the Hawks could maybe round peg/square hole the second line center position again. If it didn't work? You didn't lose much and maybe added some depth to your bottom six. A shrewd kind of move that has paid dividends for Stan Bowman in the past.

Regular Season

Despite the 2C pipe dream, Regin logged 12:38 TOI with Patrick Kane and spent most of his time centering Bickell and Versteeg on the misfit toys line. During the last month and a half of the regular season, Regin bounced up and down and in and out of the lineup. He flashed some skill. There was a nifty breakaway goal in the first game after the Olympics against the Rangers. He was stronger at the dot than expected, a career 45% guy won 55% of his draws, albeit from a small sample size. He put together some nice games at the end. He didn't find his way onto the score sheet, but in the last 5 he was playing 10+ minutes a game and had a 5v5 CF% of 62.7. Not a bad stretch for anyone.


Regin dressed for 5 contests in the playoffs. After Bollig went dumbass in the Wild series, Regin played 2 nice games against the division foe. Q cherrypicked match ups that were favorable for him, but he had some nice moments. The Hawks cashed in on a power play from a penalty he drew in game 5. He was solid in the corners and his skating charged the bottom six. His most meaningful moment came by charging the net in OT of game 6 and tying up Ryan Suter allowing Showtime to drench the pants of Blackhawks fans. With the Shaw injury and a Bollig scratch, Regin stayed in the lineup for the first three games of the WCF. He got his head caved in like the rest of the bottom six and was not a factor. I think we are all tired of the "who should dress/who should be in the box" debate so I’ll spare you that.

Future Considerations

Regin is a UFA and his agent said about a week ago that they are still waiting to hear from the Blackhawks front office. I would imagine that in the next day or so we get word that he will be testing the waters. At the 300k the Hawks were paying him he is a good deal, at 750-800k, not as much. With the roster set to be tweaked over the next 48 hours, maybe there is a chance he comes back as the 13th forward. I wouldn’t hate it. He’s 28, adds center depth, and can skate better than some already on the roster. It would make more sense than the Handzus deal last summer. However, I think Regin is elsewhere in 14-15.

I’ll give him a C.

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