The Committed Indian Chicago Bears Preview Drops Tomorrow


Whether it's good at talking about football or not, I can't help you. But I know it'll be damn funny. So get yours!

The Essentials on Puck Daddy


Once again, we were tapped on the shoulder by Wyshynski and the rest of the Puck Daddy think tank to provide the Blackhawks edition of their team-by-team feature. All three of us contributed to various aspects of it, we hope you enjoy it.

The Committed Indian's Chicago Bears Preview Next Week


Yeah, we're going to do it. No, it's not going to sound like football preview at all. It could be hilarious. It could be a disaster. It could very well be both. However it turns out, you should get it. Hit the link to do so.

The Committed Indian's Life Sucks Without Hockey Issue Drops Tomorrow


Yeah, it's a total splatter pattern, but this is the time of year when we all get goofy. Get your season subscription now by hitting the link above. And you'll be in time for our Bears preview in three weeks, which is sure to be a total disaster.

Committed Indian Convention Issue Drops Thursday


Drops just in time for you to take it to the Convention and get yourself thrown out. Will also be our Prospects Camp Review. If you haven't gotten in yet, hit the link above by Thursday night to join our list!

Hawks Hire Kompon


Well that should elicit no reaction whatsoever. The long, cold search for an assistant to get Q his coffee while Stan gives Q enough rope to hang himself is over, and it ends with Jamie Kompon. I have no idea if this is a good thing or not, neither do you, but he's a Q boy from St. Louis. So make of that what you will.

Hawks Hire Gauthier


I'm sure some will lose their mud over this, but seeing as how he's got the title of Director of Player Personnel, which is at best third in command and probably not even that, it's not that big of a deal. Gauthier got buried for hiring a non-French speaking coach in Montreal, which is probably something that should have happened long ago. He certainly made his mistakes, but he's also the one who chose Price over Halak, which looks pretty clever now, considering the defenses each has to play behind. Whatever. I'm tired of only having stuff to write about that can be covered in a Fanshot.

Free Agency Issue Of The Indian Delayed And Discount Running Out


Because not much has happened exactly, we're going to push back our free agency issue of The Indian until....well, there's something to talk about. I'm not doing 12 pages on Sheldon Brookbank alone, though it sounds like a great challenge. But our special discount price will expire on Wednesday as planned. So get in now.

Support the American Fallen Warrior Memorial


The conversation in the weekend thread reminded me of this. The American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation is looking to build a Gold Star Wall memorial in Kansas City, Kansas. This will honor fallen soldiers from the Gulf War to the present. You can donate to help fund building the memorial.

Torres' suspension reduced to 21 games.


I'm going to be sick. What a gutless move by the NHL. Another missed opportunity to send a message about headhunting. Fuckers.


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