Hawks Hire Kompon


Well that should elicit no reaction whatsoever. The long, cold search for an assistant to get Q his coffee while Stan gives Q enough rope to hang himself is over, and it ends with Jamie Kompon. I have no idea if this is a good thing or not, neither do you, but he's a Q boy from St. Louis. So make of that what you will.

Hawks Hire Gauthier


I'm sure some will lose their mud over this, but seeing as how he's got the title of Director of Player Personnel, which is at best third in command and probably not even that, it's not that big of a deal. Gauthier got buried for hiring a non-French speaking coach in Montreal, which is probably something that should have happened long ago. He certainly made his mistakes, but he's also the one who chose Price over Halak, which looks pretty clever now, considering the defenses each has to play behind. Whatever. I'm tired of only having stuff to write about that can be covered in a Fanshot.

Free Agency Issue Of The Indian Delayed And Discount Running Out


Because not much has happened exactly, we're going to push back our free agency issue of The Indian until....well, there's something to talk about. I'm not doing 12 pages on Sheldon Brookbank alone, though it sounds like a great challenge. But our special discount price will expire on Wednesday as planned. So get in now.

Support the American Fallen Warrior Memorial


The conversation in the weekend thread reminded me of this. The American Fallen Warrior Memorial Foundation is looking to build a Gold Star Wall memorial in Kansas City, Kansas. This will honor fallen soldiers from the Gulf War to the present. You can donate to help fund building the memorial.

Torres' suspension reduced to 21 games.


I'm going to be sick. What a gutless move by the NHL. Another missed opportunity to send a message about headhunting. Fuckers.

Pelican Fans


I know Pelican is popular with the ToS and many others here, so thought I'd share this piece I just spotted on the Reader website. Enjoy.

Winner... and Still Champion


For the second year in a row, Second City Hockey was chosen as the best local sports blog by the readers of um, well, The Reader. We're honored by it and can't thank everyone enough for reading our nonsense. We can't wait to start the season up and enjoy it with all of you.

NIU Hockey

Friend of the program Joe DeTolve asked to share this with all of you: This is just a heads up to anyone that will be attending Northern Illinois University in the fall and who has interest in playing hockey at a highly competitive level. NIU is holding prospects skates for their 2012-2013 club hockey teams. The skates are on Wednesday June 13th and Wednesday July 11th, from 7-8 PM at the Fox Valley Ice Arena. 1996 S. Kirk Road Geneva, IL 60134 It's highly recommended for players that are interested in the NIU Hockey program who are also currently attending NIU or will be next year. The NIU Huskies Hockey Club is currently fielding two teams. One team will compete in the ACHA D2 Level in the MACHA Gold Division and the other team will compete in the ACHA D3 Level. Cost is $5 per player to skate

Coyotes Eulogy


You know the drill. Enjoy.

Support Roskolnikov9 On Jeopardy!


Next time someone insults the intelligence of our readership, we can respond with, "Have you had a reader on Jeopardy? Because we have!" Anyway, Roskolnikov9, otherwise known as Jim Virtel and one of our most loyal readers, will be appearing on Jeopardy this Friday. Hit the link, and you can see him give a shout out to all of you. So if you're home on Friday afternoon, support our boy! He's been on the receiving end of too many headbutts from me, so if he loses it's my fault. Like everything else.

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