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Oil tries to pawn Souray off on Tallon too


I really find this hilarious. So Dale is now "Mikey" from the old Life cereal commercial?? "Who's this guy?" "Some defender. He's supposed to be good for your locker room morale." "I'm not gonna try him." "Let's get Tallon!"

Well, Allow John McDonough to Retort: Responds to Martin Havlat and Others


A response to McDonough's radio interview over Martin Havlat and others claims he's running hockey operations.


Havlat Speaks Out... sort of

Matin Havlat apparently spoke with Darren Dreger of TSN about the issues he has alluded to on Twitter recently. The interview can be read here: http://www.tsn.ca/nhl/story/?id=284740 I suppose I'm...

Meet The New Boss....


A rant about the firing of Dale Tallon

Tallon out, Bowman in?


Take it for what it's worth, but everyone's favorite soothsayer Eklund is reporting that Tallon is out, and Stan Bowman is the new general manager. It could be bogus because it is Eklund, so more on this as it develops. UPDATE: Mora is confirming it - Tallon is out Further update - The Fourth Period is reporting it too QUESTION: Has anyone told Kane yet? Tallon was his first GM afterall.. (had to get that joke in before a Blues or Scum fan got here) HOLY BALLS! ANOTHER UPDATE: Mora just confirmed the story himself on CSN's SportsNight. He said what was suspected from the getgo, that this had been brewing for a while. However, he did say that there was also some divergence in opinion in the front office regarding player personnel and the direction of the team. It will be interesting to see what comes out in the coming days.

No Dude, That F---s With Our Plan: A Quick Off-season checklist


A checklist of things we'd like the Hawks to do this summer.

Blackhawks = A bunch of fine young gentlemen


This story has been flying around for a while now, even on this site, it was emailed to me a few days ago too but it's still a great story that I should have put up earlier. So if you haven't read it then you should. Deadspin wrote about it recently and even confirmed it with Sarah Spain from Mouthpiece since she's able to talk to people in the organization, which is very cool. EDIT: The story is gaining so much popularity that the Hawks actually put a video of Burish and Kane talking about it on the website - you can view it here

Hockey Players Are Great


A really great story that highlights why hockey players are the most respected in sports.

Kontiola called up; Trade may be in the works


The Hawks' official site is reporting that they have called up Petri Kontiola from Rockford today. He has 28 points in 28 games in the AHL and it looks like the Blackhawks are hoping he can provide...

Tallon taking a look at Peter Forsberg?


From Tim Sassone's column today in the Daily Herald: It should be known that Tallon is trying to make the Hawks better right now. A lot better. In fact, he has been one of the general managers in...

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