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Patrick kane video


check out this video i made on patrick kane make sure to leave your feedback...hope you like it :)

Kane Likely to Play Wednesday, Looking for Action


Thanks to hackrar who posted this in the comments of last night's recap. Patrick Kane was not concussed last night after his nasty fall courtesy of Matt Smaby, but he's apparently got a nice zipper as a result. And from the sounds of things in the blog, he's hoping it lands him some gourmet clam. Somewhere, Adam Burish is plotting a cockblock.

What We Learned: At quarter pole, NHL's biggest surprises.

Quoting Ryan Lambert from Yahoo Sports, "Chicago Blackhawks: I'm saying it right now -- This is the best team in the league. They've won their last seven games, scoring 27 goals and allowing just 11. Their wins over both Calgary and Edmonton Thursday and Saturday were effortless. Effortless I say!

Toews, Kane, Keith extensions imminent?


Chris Kuc is reporting that extensions for all three players could come as early as Tuesday. Y2K, meet Capocolypse. Nothing official yet, and I've not seen any numbers floated. Stay tuned, if this drops, I'm sure we'll all have thoughts regarding this

Hey, who said bobbleheads were useless, right?


Hey, who said bobbleheads were useless, right?

When does the season start again?


Kane himself tosses some more fresh chum into the water regarding his off-ice indiscretions by comparing his situation to Michael Vick's, and expressing his concern about his place on the cover of EA's NHL '10. Yeah, this will help public opinion.

Roenick on Retiring, Hawks' Gaffes, Kane & More


NHL legend and former Chicago Blackhawk Jeremy Roenick talks about retiring, leaving Chicago, the state of hockey and his advice for Patrick Kane and the rest of today's players. He even reveals which opponent he'd most like to deck.

A Different Take on the Kane Story From His Lawyer


A MUCH different take on what may or may not have happened in that cab from Kane's lawyer today...

Deep Thoughts with Patrick Kane


A few gems from this fun and lengthy interview with ESPNChicago. -"Now I'm on the cover of the game and kids will be saying, "I want the game with Kane on the front," so it's pretty amazing to think of that." -"I've been watching my buddies play the last couple years and whenever they play against me, they're always trying to injure me throughout the game." -"It reminds me of kind of like a bigger, nicer Buffalo. Really nice people, no one's really stuck up around the city. Great place to live, for sure." Kane also let's us know who was angling for his sisters the most. SHOCKER: It wasn't Burish.

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