Welcome to Second City Hockey!

I want to give a warm and hearty welcome to everyone out there to the new Chicago Blackhawks blog here on SBN, Second City Hockey! This is now the 7th hockey blog on SBN! I hope for this blog to be a place for Blackhawks fans all over the world to unite and discuss the team they all know and love, and hopefully one day we will be talking about the 'Hawks bringing home that always elusive Stanley Cup for the first time since 1961.

Personally, I have been a Blackhawks fan for as far back as I can remember (also a lifelong Chicago resident), and I still think going to a hockey game is just one of the most exciting experiences any human being can have. I'm very thrilled about the fact that hockey seems to be coming back from the dead here in Chicago, and the 'Hawks seem to be getting themselves back into the spotlight.

I have done some Blackhawks blogging before, working for MVN on The Blackhawk Experience, before joining the great team here at SBN.

What can you expect to see here? Well, just about everything Blackhawks related that is out there. News items, opinions on players, Game previews/open threads/recaps for every match-up, and whatever else comes to mind at the time. With things looking bright on the horizon for the 'Hawks currently, it should be an exciting 07-08 season! Go Hawks!