'08-'09 Season Review: Patrick Kane

Patrick Kane

#88 / Right Wing / Chicago Blackhawks



Nov 19, 1988

Contract: 1 year left at 3.75

2008 - Patrick Kane 80 25 45 70 -2 42 13 0 4 1 254 9.8

The Good:  A lot more of it then I think a lot of people realize, and McClure and I are both terrified of where the comments might lead on this one.  Anyway, Kane once again, for the most part, showed better hands than anyone who has plied his trade on the West Side since Savard.  For the first three months of the season, until THAT Cleary hit, he was a point-per-game player, and a dominating force on the power play.  His 35 points with the extra man landed him 11th in the league.  Come playoff time, he was still a point-per-game player, and produced a tour-de-force in Game 6 against Vancouver that honestly you'll remember for the rest of your life.  Sadly, his goal in Game 5 against Scum was even better, but got lost in our elimination.  Watch it again, and tell me how many players in the league are capable of that.  He also set up Weapon's winner in Game 5 in Vancouver, which turned that series. He still finished the regular season at basically a point-a-game, even though this season he was seeing team's best checking lines and was frequently targeted.

The Bad:  Kaner was a lot more streaky this year, and there were huge gaps in his scoring.  There were also some pretty lackidaisical play in his own end, and some lazy penalties.  I fear these might always be part of his game, but he'll more than make up for it at the other end.  He also played through the knee injury suffered at the hands of Cleary, and probably should have taken more time off for it.

Playoff Beard Strength:  Sad.

Nicknames:  Kaner, Hatrick Kane, Crazy 88's.

Photoshops:  I know Thor did one for the hat trick, but I can't find it.  Someone will add it here I'm sure.

The Grade:  There are some writers and fans (it rhymes with Barry Rozner) who will spend eternity ignoring what a special talent this kid is.  They'll question his toughness, which is so fucking ridiculous I want to vomit with rage.  This kid was battered by Calgary and Vancouver, and eventually came back to shove it up both their asses.  Look at how he fought through checks to set up Sharp in Game 2 against Calgary, or score the first of his hat trick.  This kid doesn't give a shit.  Yes, he can be a liability in his own zone.  Yes, he goes games without scoring.  You know who else does?  ALMOST EVERY OTHER FUCKING 20-YEAR OLD IN THE LEAGUE.  Quite simply, when the Hawks need a moment conjured out of nothing, Kane is the most likely to provide it.  How many Hawks could have scored his hattrick completing goal?  One, and that's Kane (Havlat maybe).  He's put up back-to-back 70 point seasons, mostly as a teenager, and you get the feeling next year he's going to break out even more.  It's an A here, if only so I can stand alone from the mouthbreathers.  But have your say:

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