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Put the past behind us

Well the Hawks are coming out of California bruised, battered and with only 1 point. I was going to put up a new poll asking for what everyone thought the biggest problem on the second half of the trip was - Defense? Face-offs? Penalties? Tryptophan? Sopel? (Sopel is now officially SCH's whipping boy - there's nothing I won't fail to blame on him.)

But I didn't want to see an ugly reminder of the second half of the road trip - especially since it's important to realize that it was only ONE ugly game the Hawks played. The game against the Sharks was exciting and went right down to the wire - we couldn't ask for much more (except the obvious extra point). The Ducks were able to play a good physical game and keep the offense from producing much - in a series against them I have faith that the Hawks would be able to adapt to their style and figure a way to put the puck in the net.

The Kings game.. well.. that one is the one we really should forget. A pathetic effort and best not spoken of again.

On to the bad news for Burish though - He was the runaway favorite (43%) to be the last Blackhawk without a goal. An opinion that probably wasn't helped by his recent injuries.

But lets look to the future - Out of a possible 24, how many points will the Hawks get in the month of December? The poll will be open all week.

And remember - just one more month til the Winter Classic.

Lets Go Hawks.