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Battle of the moustaches

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Game Time: 8:00 CST
Opponent Blog: Five Hole Fanatics

Q has clearly got a lock on this one - Keenan's pathetic excuse for facial hair doesn't stand a chance...

Anyone remember the last time the Hawks won 6 games in a row?  I didn't.. but Chris over at Third Man In does - it was the '01-'02 season..

That's what the Hawks will be going for tonight against the Flames.  You all remember the Flames, right?  The Hawks roughed them up for 6 goals back in early November.

You can be sure the Flames will come out angry in this game after getting embarrassed last time - and unlike a team like... say.. Phoenix.  The Flames aren't really a team you want to piss off.  Everyone knows that Iginla is a fucking beast.  He scares me.  And then look at this guy...

Dion Phaneuf

#3 / Defenseman / Calgary Flames



Apr 10, 1985

Phaneuf just noticed the villagers coming at him with pitchforks and torches in this picture. "FIRE BAAAAAD"

The Flames are big, tough but without all that usual slowness that usually accompanies those traits..  That last game the Flames were at the end of playing 3 games in 4 nights and had suffered a bad loss the night before in Columbus where they couldn't stay out of the box and were supposedly suffering from the Flu...The Hawks meanwhile had almost an entire week off leading up that game.

Those are common and weak excuses for losing badly in the NHL - but it probably played a factor in how terrible the Flames looked.  This could be a much more even game.

Khabby is taking the ice tonight for the Hawks though and he's near his best usually in Calgary going 13-3-0 there.  Kiprusoff will probably be in the net tonight for the Flames since he'll be wanting to redeem himself after a pisspoor performance last time.  He's also likely to be in the net because the Flames don't believe in backups.  Kipper has started 30 games this year...

Hey.. does everybody remember this kid?

The Flames are tough on the kill (5th best) but mediocre on the power play (15th).  They're on a two game winning streak and are 6-2-2 in the last 10.

There's no reason to panic and expect a loss in this game though - The Hawks are rolling right now and have already shown they can kick the Flames ass before.  They need to stick to their game and they can take two from this team.  We'll see how the curling team exercise goes for them...

Don't forget to get in your SPG picks in - We only need 5 more people to tie us up for third most players.  If you want to win this VERSTEEG! autographed Hawks banner there's still plenty of time. 

Look at that.. not one Sloppy Seconds joke...

Lets Go Hawks