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Henrik and Daniel Are The Tool, Don't Make Others Act The Canucks Fool: Hawks at Canucks Preview

Yeah, that kind of sucked.  But I can't think of anything else.  So deal.  Anyway, this ride we've been on continues tonight, and I don't see any reason why it can't continue.  Actually, I do, but he's on the Vancouver injured list, and that would be Roberto Luongo.  Historically, the Hawks have been stonewalled by him like me by the female half of the species.  But he's still out with a groin injury, and Curtis Sanford, who's been ok, will be in net.  But you still prefer it that way.

The last time these two got together the Hawks firmly outplayed the Canucks to give Coach Q his first win.  They're faster, and more skilled than Vancouver.  The main threats are obviously the Children of The Corn Sedin twins.  But the way the Bolland line and Keith and Biscuit have been eliminating opposing threats, one shouldn't be too worried.  Spezza, Stastny, Nash, Hemsky, and Iginla have all failed to make a dent.  Once you take out the Sedin's, Who's Afraid of Pavol Demitra?  Well, we might want to.  He's been  a turd in our cereal for a long time, with 51 points in 44 games against us.  But if the aging Pavol Demitra hurts you, you deserve to lose. 

Let's keep the streak going.

EDIT: Also - the Pick SPG contest is picking up so if you want to get involved - now's the time.  Get your picks in now.  We need 5 more players to pull us even with the "best" team in the league - the sharks.  I know you're out there.. and chances are you want this on your wall.