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There you stood, on the edge of your feather. Expecting to Fly

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Ahhh - we're finally back.  I hope you're all as excited about the Hawks playing again as I am.  Here's a story that tells you all you need to know about Philly fans:

I was at a staff-retreat for work a few months back - it was mostly meetings and "team-building" shit but at night they'd have games for people to play and most importantly... free beer.  One night along with the free beer, they also had a big bonfire. 

Naturally, people get pretty drunk.  Long after most people had gone to bed, I was still hanging out at the bonfire with some people I knew and we were all still drinking.  My friends introduced me to a new guy who was a fucking mountain of a man.  They thought we'd get along because we were both huge hockey fans - I ask, "So, who's your team?"  He says "Flyers". 

I tell him "Well I'm a Blackhawks fan, but I lived around DC long enough to learn to hate all things Phillly - so fuck the Flyers".  I thought he'd realize I was mostly joking (I do actually hate Philly) and we could just talk shit about each other teams.... Wrong

He immediately grabbed me by the collar and threatened to throw me into the bonfire if I didn't take it back... or just punch me in the jaw even if I did.  This guy was probably 6'4 and well over 200 lbs and I hadn't realized just how shitfaced he was...  The situation quickly went from "hah, he's pretending the threaten me" to "holy shit, he's drunk enough that he might actually throw me into a fire".

I have the great abilitiy to talk myself into almost getting my ass kicked because I tend to not have any filter (drinking helps) but an even better ability to talk my way out of getting my ass kicked even if I've crossed some line.  So I was eventually able to get out of the situation and stood on the other side of the fire from this dude until he pulled an Irish Goodbye and then stayed away from him the rest of the retreat. 

My hatred for the Flyers is only surpassed by my hatred for Detroit - and even though neither teams fans has any sense of humor, one will just make some stuck up commets and mention all their success (bite me)... Flyers fans on the other hand will actually try to kick your ass since they're about as successful as the Hawks.

So on to the game...

This Hawks team is on the verge of history right now - 8 consecutive victories is the longest winning streak the Hawks have ever had.  The Hawks can tie that tonight playing the Flyers at home. 

The problem though is that the Flyers generally kick the shit out of the Hawks, and this could be one of the strongest Flyers teams the Hawks have faced in years.  If the shitty Flyers continually beat the shitty Hawks - it'll be hard for the good Hawks to beat the good Flyers. 

The Flyers are a hot team right now too and should provide a good challenge for the Hawks.  They're 7-1-2 in the last 10 and have a good road record of 7-4-4.  The Flyers are another good young team that surprised everyone last year by going deep in the playoffs after having been the worst team the previous year. It should be a good game against two young fast skilled teams.

Goalies are likely to be Khabby (2.44 and .922) and Biron (2.95 and .900).  Biron is getting over the flu so lets hope he's a little rusty after not getting the last start.

Oh, and Danny Briere is a Nancy - He'll be out for the game and is doing nothing to help my fantasy team (he was auto-drafted, don't think I'd ever actually pick him)

The interesting news for the Hawks is that Johnson has been activated from IR while Burish, who I've read is good to go, remains inactive.  Barker should be inactive today with an undisclosed injury.

Lets Go Hawks