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I'm definitely getting thrown into a fire next time... 8 in a row

God Damn finding an online feed can be rough.  I'm still at my parents' place so I was forced to find the game online.  I couldn't find a feed until the score was 1-0.. I saw the second goal only for the feed to change to the Devil's game and I didn't find another feed til right before the Flyers scored their the full game recap is going to be spotty.. sorry 'bout that

The Hawks tied franchise history tonight with 8 in a row after beating the stuffing out of the Flyers all night long.  The fact that the Flyers plane was delayed a while and the missed their morning skate is an excuse... but it's a poor one. 

The Hawks came out flying in this game scoring twice within 3 minutes making only one mistake in the first.  The rest of the game was all Hawks. 

The big story should be the way the Hawks dominated the second period allowing only one shot on goal... just one.  And if they scored it like I think they did - that one shot was going well wide of the net and Khabby grabbed it just to be safe.  The Flyers easily could have gone the entire second period without a single shot.  The Flyers are a team that has lots of shooters but were outshot 38-18.  The Flyers were averaging 28.5 shots a game coming in to tonight.

Once again, the Bolland-Ladd-Havlat was out of their heads.  Havlat in particular was a monster tonight.  Q has done something to light a fire under his ass and he earned the first star of the game tonight getting two assists. 

Another reason to be excited about this team is the depth of players that are scoring goals.  All 5 goals were scored by different skaters and 7 different players got assists - only Havlat and Kane got two points for assists.  In the 8 game winning streak the Hawks have scored 36 goals by 16 different players.  They've only allowed 11 goals by the way.  This team has depth that I don't think any of us expected before the season started.

The CORSI and Shifts Charts are located here - Check them out to see which lines of the Hawks shut down which lines for the Flyers.  I don't think any of the Hawks lines had a bad night tonight.

I think I heard 22,712 people attended the game tonight - either way it was the biggest crowd that has ever come out to a Hawks regular season game.  I unfortunately missed the Anthem but I hear it was loud.  The crowd was loud all night long, even at the end of the game when the decision was locked in.  Anyone there notice it being louder than usual?

Great to see the Hawks not miss a beat after the break.  The Wild and Wings will close out the month and should provide two more close tough games.  I'd love to see them carry this momentum into the new year, particularly the Classic.  Check the jump for more game details:


As I said before, I missed the first goal and all replays of it.. but I'm sure it was great.

The second goal I barely caught all I know is that Sharp is a beast.  I don't think we talk about Sharp enough on this site since it's usually more of a joke to talk about VERSTEEG! or our giant man-crushes on Toews or Burish or Wiz.  But lets just get it on record, Sharp is an amazing player and without him the Hawks aren't nearly as good. 

Richards goal came from one of the worse shifts by the Hawks just after they were on the power play.  I couldn't quite see but it looked like Walker simply missed a chance to check someone close to the boards and couldn't stop in time to get in the way of a pass setting up a perfect chance for the Flyers.. wouldn't matter much...

Khabby had some great saves in this period to keep the Hawks in it again..

After One:

Shots 15-9 Hawks
Face-Offs 17-6 Flyers
Hits 8-6 Flyers


We give Sopel a lot of shit on this site - but I'm glad to learn that he's actually a good guy.  Before the second period we learned about Sopel leading the Hawks team to support Operation Homefront by inviting families with member serving in the military to his home.  Here's a link for the organization's website.


Havlat gets a good chance but can't come up with a goal - it's a shame he didn't get one in this game as he deserved it.  Wiz comes up huge on the breakout after Havlat's chance.

Adams and Gratton drop the gloves - both get in some big shots and exhaust themselves and look for the linesmen to break it up.  It'll be interesting to see how everyone at Hockey Fights scores this one..  I might give an edge to Gratton if not a draw.

Did everyone who attended the game know that the Cusack siblings were at the game?  Joan was even in a jersey - John looked annoyed at her blabbing..  I was annoyed at both of them.

The crowd got really into this game near the 15 minute mark of this period starting a good chant.

Lupul the palindrome takes a dumb slashing penalty... Gagne (hey! Same name as that fatass from Milwaukee) takes a dumber hold.. Hawks will have over a minute of 5 on 3 to start the final period.

After Two:

Shots 29-10 Hawks
Faceoffs 25-19 Flyers
Hits 17-14 Flyers


Naturally, the Hawks lose the opening face-off.  Wiz is later able to take a few bombs from the blue line but they're blocked, that can't feel good, he winds up for another but pushes it over to Campbell who blasts it in with Toews on the screen.  3-1 Hawks.. they don't look back..

A minute of the power play remained but the Hawks can't do anything.  Luckily the Flyers were in a giving mood and take a hooking penalty.  Then seconds later throw the puck over the glass for another two man advantage. 

Things looked like nothing would come of it til VERSTEEG! puts in the puck from a difficult angle.  The net was wideopen but it was a hard angle - it's great to see the opposition goalie throw himself at the net in a futile effort. 4-1

I don't even fully understand Bolland's goal.  5-1

Was there a spotlight in front of Khabby in the third period?  It looked like the ice was a lot brighter in front of him throughout the third...

Brouwer finishes a check on Richards.. Richards doesn't like it.. Brouwer wrecks him with an uppercut.. not a knock out.. but he was done after that punch.

The crowd gets loud for the final minute - Foley gets in another dig at the Bulls saying they're "loving it live"..

After the whistle a "Detroit Sucks" chant starts up.. sure.. why not.  Fuck Detroit.

3 - Ladd (1G)
2 - Sharp (1G)
1 - Havlat (2A)