Comment made by Mikko Koivu:

I'm sure all of your die hard Hawks fan are curious about why this talented player would say this about the Hawks and their 9 straight win's.

"Nine wins in a row shows something about their team. But they aren't that good," Wild center Mikko Koivu said. "They outworked us tonight. We had one guy tonight, that was [goalie Niklas] Backstrom, who had the effort to play this game.

He is speaking the truth when he talks about how the HAWKS outworked them on sunday evening.. but how can you say that they aren't that good?  what is that?  I mean serious .. for one the hawks are not getting enough recognition and not just the team but what about Dale Tallon??  I mean did we as Hawks fan's and hockey fans forget what he has done for this team?  I have read some great articles from ESPN recently about Tallon not getting enough credit and that his job is on the line?  What gives?  I mean seriously.. do the Hawks have to win 19 in a row in order to get noticed out there?  or will beating the red wings in the home-and-home series put us back on the map as one of the strongest and most competitve teams in the league.

Any thoughts?