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Lets try this again...

Coachq_medium  VS  Emilio3_medium

Well what can I say about this game that Sam didn't already say in his preview of the game between these two teams less than a week ago.  We've seen exactly what this team can do and pretty much all they have to offer and the result was the Hawks being shutout for the first time this year. 

The Hawks will welcome the Ducks into the UC tonight though as the Ducks have are finishing up a road trip of their own.  They've played two games since the last time the Hawks played and could be getting sick of this Midwest weather and feeling ready to get back to Southern California.

If the Hawks want their best chance at winning this game then they'll need to get on the scoreboard first.  If the Ducks take the lead they've already shown they're capable of stacking the blue line and standing up players, forcing the Hawks to play a style that isn't their best.  It wouldn't be impossible for them to adapt.. but better not to risk it.

As of right now, I haven't heard who is going to be in the net for the Ducks.  Giguere returned from a personal matter in the last Ducks game against Detroit only to be taken out when his groin cramped up.  That put Hiller back in the net for Anaheim and he's been outstanding lately.  I'd much rather see Giguere at this point...

The Hawks should be looking to put their terrible performance in the last game behind them and come out flying - being back at the UC where they've had lots of success should just be an added bonus.

I almost forgot that tonight is also Steve Larmer night at the UC.  HockeeNight has a great profile of the type of player he was - so I won't even try to write anything better.

Lets Go Hawks