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That's more like it

I again missed the first part of the game – I listened to the game on the radio though.  Just like on TV it sounds like the crowd is quiet during the anthem – anyone go to the game and notice if it was quieter than normal?  It seems like a lot of new fans who are coming to the games for the first time don’t know the tradition of cheering during the anthem – teach them well.

In the second period the Ducks were able to dominate the Hawks – especially on the forecheck.  During one shift it seemed like the Hawks just weren’t able to get it out of their zone.  Rough.  They end up getting a goal of their own to tie it up. 

The Ducks continued to seem to push the Hawks around into the third especially after taking the lead very early into the third.  We all immediately start to panic when remembering how the Ducks were able to dictate the pace of the game last week but the Hawks show some heart to come back, fight and take the win off some great plays by their young stars..  VERSTEEG! is a hell of a player and is a key to this team right now – I know I never expected this from him coming into this year – did anyone?  A great game for our captain as well.

A great win for the Hawks – Click below for a full recap of the game:

The game was going fairly back and forth for the first part of the game til 14 minutes in when the Ducks go to the box for the first time.  Pat mentions they’ve killed 22 in a row but you wouldn’t guess it by watching the way the Hawks were able to pass and shoot the puck.  The puck was cycling around and the Hawks were able to get some shots off – including one that hit post – finally Hiller was able to get a glove on a shot that went wide jus to calm things down.  That pretty much ended the power play so the Ducks killed 23 in a row.

But that streak would end just 4 minutes later as May goes to the box for interference.  Just 17 seconds into the power play Toews battles hard along the boards to keep the puck in the Ducks zone and ends up kicking the puck backwards to Kane.  Kane looks a little off balance but still makes a great pass right on the stick to a wide-open Sharp who one times it in.  Hiller didn’t stand a chance.  1-0 Hawks.

The rest of the first period ends without much excitment

After 1:
Shots: 17-9 Hawks
Faceoffs: 10-9 Hawks
Hits: 7-6 Ducks

The Ducks get their first power play 4 minutes into the 2nd and though Huet gives up some big rebounds he also makes some good saves and the Hawks are able to kill the penalty.  I think the scariest thing about watching Huet give up rebounds on TV is that you really can’t tell if there’s a member of the other team flying towards the puck that’s just off screen.  It’s also a huge relief when no one is there or it’s a Hawk.  In person you can see where everyone is – but at home you’re a victim of whatever camera angle they give you.  Fuck.

Havlat has a shift where he really seems to be showing his displeasure on being put on the checking line.  First he makes a weak pass or clearing attempt or something that the Ducks easily control then he seems to just skate right past the puck in the Hawks zone.  It’s almost like he’s our dog pissing in our shoes after you’re gone for a long weekend.. Maybe Coach Q should think of using a rolled up newspaper to motivate him..

Toews goes to the box 8 and a half in on what was a mystery call to me.  It looked like Walker just played the puck with a high stick but then Toews is in the box.  Pat and Edzo don’t even mention what the call is.. according to the box score it was interference.  Seabrook works hard along the boards and gets the puck to Fraser but he can’t clear it and the Ducks keep control.  The elder Niedermayer ends up with the puck behind the net who gets a quick pass to Selanne who knocks it past Huet.  1-1

Another late period PP for the Hawks after Steve Montador holds Havlat’s stick… Sharp ends up with a great opportunity on a breakaway when Huet gets the puck to him while the Ducks are changing but the Ducks put quick pressure on Sharp and he can’t get a clean shot off a rolling puck.. no dice.. period ends

After 2:
Shots 28-24 Hawks
Faceoffs 21-19 Hawks
Hits 12-11 Ducks

The short extra man advantage ends with Kane breaking through the line and getting a quick shot off but Hiller is able to get a piece of it and it deflects away… as I was writing the last sentence though the Ducks get the puck in the Hawks zone and Pronger ends up with it on the blue line.  He has a clear shot at the net and takes a fairly weak wrister – didn’t even have to use his retard strength on a slap shot - this time the younger Niedermeyer is able to put a screen on Huet at the last second and the Ducks go up 2-1. 

Hawks get a power play but it’s shit.. I’m more entertained by watching my dog twisting around on the couch while sleeping rather than actually watching what’s happening on the ice. 

Eager takes a stupid penalty 12 minutes in for interfering.  I can imagine that Coach Q will have a word with about taking a penalty.. in the offensive zone.. while down a goal.. while your team is holding the puck.  It is a must kill for the Hawks and they kind of do kill it – Getzlaf slashes Bolland and we go 4 on 4 for 41 seconds.

An amazing move by VERSTEEG! along the boards to embarrass Montador and gets the puck to Keith who has a chance but realizes Havlat has a better one and passes it off.  Game tied 2-2.  Hawks still have a power play after the goal but Hawks don’t capitalize.

Just under two minutes left ends up with a great play by Toews to again battle with the puck behind the net and get the puck out to Buff who can’t handle it.  It bounces to VERSTEEG! who puts the puck across the net and Toews slams it in.  I can’t remember seeing a goal that Toews shows that much emotion after a goal before – including his first one or his highlight goal against the Avs.  Seems like someone gave the Toewsbot an emotion card – now it’s only a matter of time before he turns on his creators and goes to war with the humans.  Hawks up 3-2

After Hiller is pulled, Ladd plays hard at the point and digs the puck out of the zone.. Bolland ends up with the empty net goal.  Was that the Hawks first Empty Net this year?  I doubt it but I can’t remember another one.. they usually lose these close games. 

To end the game

Shots: 41-32 Hawks
Faceoffs: 31-30 Ducks
Hits: 17-14 Ducks


3- Niedermayer
2 – Havlat
1 - Toews