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Playing Phoenix cures what ails ya

Blackhawks-logo_medium  vs.  Phoenix_coyotes_2000_medium

Well actually I don't know if I should be nervous or relieved the Hawks are taking on the Coyotes tonight.  On the one hand - the Yotes are a team the Hawks have beat pretty easily so far this year.  On the other - they're a team that's got great young talent and you can't really sleep against them or they could make you pay.  It'll be interesting to see how the Hawks come out of the gate after a frustrating loss last night in Detroit.  Thankfully the Hawks took the third period of that game off to get a head start on resting up for tonight.  Last time the Hawks played Phoenix they were 8-8-0... now they're 12-12-2... so it's good to see not much changed.  They're a .500 team this season and hopefully will have a losing record after tonight.

Phoenix has played well recently but in a situation that should sound familiar to all Hawks fans - their supposed #1 goalie has been out-played by a backup.  I haven't heard anything about which goalies are starting this game though - so it could be Bryzgalov or it could be Tellqvist.  It also could be Huet.. or it could be Crawford.  I'd like to see Crawford get a shot and it'd make sense to rest Huet after playing a long game yesterday.

The Yotes just lost to the Blues last night and will have played 3 games in 4 nights tonight..

And honestly that's about as much as I care about looking into more stats - Phoenix is not a great team yet and the Hawks should be able to beat them easily.  This is a good time to encourage you all to go visit another one of the new SB Nation blogs - Five for Howling.  It's good to have a Coyotes blog out there since they could be an exciting team to watch in the coming years. 

Don't forget to make your picks for the Pick SPG contest.  There is still plenty of time to sign up and play.  Hell - I didn't get any points last night so it's like the contest hasn't started yet.  Only three more need to sign up til we're past the Sabres and Penguins..

If you're going to the game don't forget to pick up a copy of The Committed Indian...