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Preseason Game Thread #2: Blackhawks vs. Wild

After getting a 4-3 win in their first preseason game against Columbus, the Hawks are looking to get win #2 tonight when they take on the Minnesota Wild at the United Center, a 7:30 puck drop for this one. Couple of interesting things that will be happening in this one: Kyle Beach will be making his pre-season debut, and Patrick Kane is going to be trying out the center position in this one. I really question moving Kane to center right now because I worry about any kind of changes made after the year he had last season. Hopefully Kane will handle it well, but if not, hopefully they end the experiment quickly. Also, it'll be interesting to see (or later hear about) what Beach can do tonight in his debut.

The Hawks lineup can be found here, and it is as follows:

Ladd - Toews - Brouwer
Sharp - Kane - Skille
Beach - Dowell - Aliu
Eager - Burish - Adams

Barker - Campbell
Hendry - Sopel
Hjalmarsson - Carney

Starter - Huet
Backup - Niemi