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Well... It's 4:00 AM on New Year's Day and I'm drunk

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And you want a fucking game preview for this game against the Scum at Wrigley Field?  What a bunch of assholes you are...

Instead... I'd like to let you know about all the awesome things that are going on tomorrow for the Winter Classic. 

First and foremost - Mirtle is putting up a live blog over at From The Rink that should be amazing since Greg Wyshynski and everyone from Puck Daddy might be joining in along with others from SB Nation are helping out.  Mirtle has put together some awesome blogs for the NHL here and we're proud to be part of it. 

Sam and I along with the bloggers from Winging It In Motown will actually be at the game.  There might be live updates from the game, including pictures, but for some of us but it might just take a while to get some pictures or thoughts up on our site... 

If you really want to know about  the teams involved.. then you can read either of our sites for the past few days.  In general, the Hawks were kicking ass til they met the Wings.  The Wings reminded them who had their names engraved onto the sucked for us Hawks fans...

Ask Pat Kane how it felt... If the Wings hadn't taken him out of the game after the first 10 minutes then the outcome could have been much different.  If you take this kid out of the game then the Hawks are much different team.  After that hit by Cleary the Wings were able to dictate how the pace of the game went and it didn't turn out well for our Hawks.  Kane came back but all he did was seem to take penalties for retaliation against the Wings.  I want Burish to skate to take some of those penalties for him next time.

We'll be selling the Indian outside the game tomorrow so if you happen to be one of the lucky ones that'll be attending the game, or just hanging out in the bars...  buy it.. It'll be worth it.

Don't forget your SPG Picks either.. check the standing too... ChicagoKill is number 10.. fuck yeah!

Enjoy the Classic everyone...I apologize for how sloppy this post might be but like I said... I'm drunk...  And I can't wait for this game...

Lets Go Hawks