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A fantastic event.. slightly ruined

The event itself seemed to go off perfectly.  The game... not so much.

Our boys came out flying in the first period but once again the Wings showed the Hawks they still have a lot of growing up to do - 9 game winning streaks and all.  I don't know what happened.. maybe it was the cold... but the team that came out of the home dugout for the second and third periods looked a lot more like the Chicago teams of a few years ago rather than a team that could be a force in the playoffs.  Detroit outworked them in almost every aspect of the game and took home possibly the only two points ever to be won in Wrigley Field.

The event itself though was awesome to be part of.  I didn't hear a word of the anthem it was so loud out in the bleachers.  I actually stopped cheering a few times because I thought the song had already ended... only to see on the screen it was still going on.

The view from out in the bleachers was surprising not that bad.  I was dead center and pretty high up though, so perhaps others had a different feeling. 

God bless whoever created hand and foot warmers.. those things were magical.

After last night, an early morning, and a long cold hockey game though - I've got nothing left in the tank and need to take a long nap.  We'll be back tomorrow with pictures and more thoughts. Please tell us your opinions of the game in the comments - I'd love to hear as many different perspectives as possible.  Where'd you watch it?  What'd you think?  Did the Hawks look as bad on TV as they did from center field?

I hope you all enjoyed the game - Happy new year everyone.