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When two points still feels like a slump

First of all - I apologize for how terrible the game thread and this recap are.  I had a busy day yesterday and didn't have time to get up the thread with any real content (not like I usually say anything profound anyway) and then my plans for the day ran long and I watched the game while at a restaurant trying to interact with friends and not piss off my girlfriend by just watching the game the whole time... it was a struggle.

So forgive me if I got any of the wrong impressions, or missed something awesome, but even though the Hawks won last night - they still aren't playing like they did for most of December. Something doesn't feel quite right.

Teams go in slumps in all sports, no big deal.  Right now it just seems like passes aren't quite as crips, opposing goaltenders are hot, and great shots hit iron.  Whatever.. they're still on pace for over 100 points this year.  The last time they ended a season with 100 points?  The '92-93 season.. when they still had ties.

Things are about to get rough for our boys though - two tough opponents from New York are coming in this week.  A short home stand next week agains the Wild and Blues... then an almost 3 week 8 game road trip that goes through California.  Even though they go on to play the Northwest again after that a California trip is always scary. 

The Hawks need to bust out of this slump soon or things could get real ugly.