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I'll take swords for $400... Hawks VS. Sabres

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"Sabre - It began with a bloody S!

Here's something I guess I didn't realize.  Some, maybe most of you, don't know about The Committed Indian.  Sam, the other writer on this site, puts out this magazine before every home game.  It's brand new every game and picks up right where the Blue Line left off. 

It's cheap, it's funny and it's got great hockey info.. Lots of other Hawks bloggers have written articles in it too.  This game will have stuff from the Fifth Feather site.. Chris from Third Man In and I'm pretty sure the guys at HockeeNight have done stuff for it too.  I've written for it once as well (but don't hold that against Sam). 

It's a great buy - you can pick it up outside before the games.  Sam usually has his workers parked at the corners of the Stadium where they usually have to argue with security guards and homeless people.. I've helped sell the magazine before too and it's usually not too fun, especially in the cold/snow.  So buy it next time you go..

As for the Sabres - I used to know a lot about them.  Once my brother and I outlawed playing as the Blackhawks in NHL '94 I always picked the Sabres.  Mogilny was a beast and Hasek was solid...

I also used to date a girl who liked the Sabres..  She was crazy though.. how crazy?  Well she thought this logo... was better than this one.  Seriously??

Right now though?  I don't know much about this team.  They took a big hit in letting Briere and Drury go in the same off-season and just barely missed the playoffs last year.  Right now they're in 7th place overall in the East - but it's close.

They're 17th overall in the league for goals scored but 11th in goals against.  Their special teams on the road though have been pretty killer.  That's thanks in large part to Ryan Miller.  Miller is 2-0-0 against the Hawks.. and has a 1.00 GAA... yikes

However, it looks like we won't have to worry about Miller as our old friend Patrick Lalime might be in the net tonight.  Laline isn't having a great year.  He's 2-5-1 with a .891 SV% and  3.09 GAA.  Never doubt a players desire to get back at a team they used to play for though...

Huet will probably be in the net today for the Hawks.. just in time to make me look like a total ass by stinking up tonight. 

Oh.. and I guess I'm contractually obligated by someone to say that Patrick Kane grew up in Buffalo and was a huge Sabres fan... so there's that too.

Lets Go Hawks